Global Trade Made Easy

Trade barriers

International trade connects and drive value for people, companies and communities worldwide. But there are trade barriers. And it takes a lot of knowledge and a lot of resources. We think every company should have the same opportunity to succeed across boarders – regardless of their size or bank account.

Instant international

CellMark is an innovative global resource network trading on behalf of companies from every major market on the planet. We put buyers and sellers together, facilitating trade and business development in almost every industry. With expertise across all of the disciplines needed to master international, few other partners offer the same holistic approach to global trade. Or make it so quick and easy. Now we’re turning that global presence, expertise and experience into instant access to a world of opportunity.

Friends in all the right places

CellMark is present in every market you likely want to be, with a network of 65 offices in 30 countries. Our regional teams offer local market expertise and have experience across multiple industries. This gives us the contacts and infrastructure to drive product or service’s success almost anywhere.

Instant value

We provide a full suite of services that make business happen and identify new opportunities for client in partnership that add value to processes and products. It’s like a global meeting place where entrepreneurs interact and share in the value creation and together we deliver products, services and solutions to the world market.

Instant partnership

When you partner with CellMark, you choose a partner who believes in you and your offer—and recognizes the difference we can make together. Your product or service by definition will be a positive development and contributor to modern business and our way of life. You’ll also be teaming with a partner that has defined social and environmental commitments, and that believes doing the right thing is always good for business.

Surpassing expectations

CellMark recognizes its responsibility to perform its services exceptionally and with unmatched effort and performance. Therefore, we have defined several guiding principles, which align closely with our mission and vision and support our business concepts. We believe in doing more than what’s expected and always trying harder – surpassing your expectations, as well as our own, the public’s and every stakeholder touched by our joint venture.

About Surpassing Expectations

Our relationships

CellMark has established its position through long-term relationships and consistent performance. Our global network arms our various professionals with an in-depth understanding of even small changes in the market’s culture and mechanics. It also facilitates superior, day-to-day interaction with clients. This structure helps us continuously guide and service customers.

As we are constantly reminded, environments shift quickly and without warning. We need to be agile and flexible, without losing sight of the principles and fundamentals on which CellMark was built. Our goal is to remain as we are—continuously changing.

Fortunately, we do not work alone. Our partners’ confidence in our professionalism has been the backbone of our development. We value our relationships highly, and continuously strive to earn and maintain the industry’s confidence and respect. We aim to be the industry’s obvious choice for global trade services.

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