CellMark Pulp

Through its global marketing activities, CellMark Pulp are committed to earn the position as the preferred partner of our suppliers and customers. This commitment ensures that we adapt to our partners' changing competitive landscapes by continually providing innovative commercial, logistics and financial solutions. By managing change, we attempt to surpass our partners’ expectations every day.

From Gothenburg to the world

The CellMark Headquarters in Gothenburg coordinates all CellMark Pulp activities, which take place in offices across the globe. Our Geneva location spearheads European marketing efforts, while CellMark Pulp North America handles our business in North, South, Central America and the Caribbean. Singapore-based CellMark Asia manages markets on that continent and in Oceania. China is an important and rapidly growing market for CellMark. In fact, we have broadened our presence with offices in both Shanghai and Qingdao.

Energy and biofuels

The division directs CellMark’s sourcing and selling of wood chips for the pulp and paper industry — a project managed from Singapore. CellMark Pulp also features a dedicated energy team that trades in biomass, which is used for energy and bio-fuels, every day.

CellMark's business platform is uniquely suited to provide a broad range of products and services in this fast-growing segment.

Balancing risk 

CellMark Pulp embraces the constant change of today's business environment, enabling both suppliers and customers to excel despite the risks inherent in global marketing. 

Phär Oscàr
CellMark Pulp

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