Hylte Converting is located in Hyltebruk, Sweden and works exclusively with rewinding. The facility features a modern assembly of high-quality machinery, which guarantees flawless results. The machines handle paper, foil, plastic and other material in all thicknesses.

Turning problems into profits

It is well known in paper manufacturing that periodically, some product does not measure up to quality standards. Usually, damaged or inferior paper is ground down to fiber. But in fact, the most profitable way to reuse damaged paper is to convert it via rewinding. However, that process can add personnel and machinery costs, and often falls outside a company’s normal production and logistics flow — it’s not a core competency. 

Still, rewinding is usually worth considering. Converted paper is often a very cost-efficient raw material for many products, including paper plates, consumer rolls, cores, edge protection, floor protection, bags and printed materials.

Hylte Converting' s team leverage their capabilities to gain the maximum tonnage from each batch. They are so skilled, they train our machine suppliers’ operators, and help them transform inferior, damaged product into first-class paper.

Hylte Converting offers four services:

  • Converting
  • Trading
  • Consulting
  • Storage/distribution