CellMark Pulp

CellMark Pulp is a global organization that creates innovative pulp, finance, and risk management solutions that help our suppliers and customers thrive over the long term. Examples of how it has provided these services to help our partners succeed follow.

Assuming our partners' credit risk

PT TeL, an independent Indonesian company that opened a Greenfield pulp mill in 1999, relied heavily on CellMark Pulp's solid industry reputation and market knowledge to put its financing in place. CellMark Pulp was instrumental in the project's financing, and helped PT Tel excel from the outset. CellMark Pulp also introduced acacia pulp to the industry and identified customers who appreciated its unique qualities. Moreover, we ensured that PT TeL was never exposed financially, and was paid on time. CellMark Pulp assumed 100 percent of its credit risk.

Integrated, innovative credit risk coverage solutions have been essential to CellMark Pulp's success, even during the recent financial crisis. Our financial health and capabilities enabled our suppliers to move product despite the worst economic downturn in generations, while CellMark Pulp gained market share.

Additionally, our financial capabilities led us to introduce Pulpex — a pulp-focused commodities exchange — to the market in May 1997. Then, as now, we prided ourselves on our proactive solutions to market volatility and our ability to thrive amid dramatic market change. From its inception, CellMark Pulp has been a catalyst for continuous improvement, and early programs such as these illustrate our world-class ability to develop and grow in harmony with our partners.

Providing unmatched support in China

In China, CellMark Pulp's chief market, the company has made great strides to enhance the cultural understanding between east and west. These efforts have forged seamless cooperation and expansion, and enabled implementation of creative, profitable solutions. For example, the division's pioneering spirit led it to introduce reservation contracts in China; to work with end users long before most other companies; and to provide technical support teams. Moreover, CellMark Pulp has established and launched a trading company in China. Consequently, we can sell products in the local currency, benefiting suppliers and customers.

Furthermore, CellMark Pulp was the first trading company to hire certified, university-educated technical support professionals in China. In fact, they are still a rarity. Our technicians spend considerable time with customers, continuously enhancing the runnability of the pulp the division sells and represents. Their original responsibility was to introduce eucalyptus pulp from CMPC Santa Fe's second line, to highlight its superb quality, and to keep it running smoothly on paper machines all over China. Today, however, they manage a broad range of support tasks and are a critical customer service resource. 

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