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CellMark is an employee-owned independent supply chain services company. We are here to make your business operations easier and support your trade. Whether it’s across the street or across the globe.

How CellMark’s donations make a difference

Besides our mission to provide excellent products, services, and solutions to the world market, we continue to make a difference for the…
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CellMark presented with Supplier Excellence Award

We are pleased to announce that our CellMark team in Mahwah, New Jersey, recently was presented with a Supplier Excellence Award for…
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CellMark ranked as the 3rd largest US Exporter 2022

We are pleased to share that CellMark, according to the Journal of Commerce’s annual Top 100 US Exporters ranking, was the 3rd largest…
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We believe strongly in the power of communities.
Our giving-back practice has always been deeply rooted in our company’s core.

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Our stories ─ Our people

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Barcelona beach on morning sunrise with Barcelobna city and sea.Barcelona beach on morning sunrise with Barcelobna city and sea.


Alex Carneado

What do you focus on in your daily work? My day to day is diverse. I review stocks of all our products…

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Jennifer Sun

What is your role at CellMark? My role is the team leader of Basic Chemical’s team in China. Since it’s a fairly…

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Philippe Gresko

What divisions are represented at your location? Here in Poland, two divisions are represented: Chemicals and Basic Chemicals. I am working with CellMark Chemicals. Our division offers…

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