New Ideas to Drive Future Business Growth

CellMark Chemicals’ team recently attended one of the most important shows in the Pharmaceutical Industry called CPhI (Convention on Pharmaceutical Ingredients). Every year the event is held in one of three European countries rotating between Spain, Germany, and France with over 36,000 attendees.

Every sector of the pharmaceutical market is represented under one roof, making it an effective way of visiting our global partners, both suppliers and customers. It is impressive to view the whole spectrum of pharmaceutical manufacturing and supply chain in one place over the course of three days.

Rick Schatz, Senior Product Manager responsible for the Americas reflects on the event: “Aside from the business aspect of CPhI, what impresses me the most is meeting so many people from around the world. It was reported that attendees from over 150 countries participated this year which offers great opportunities to experience other people and cultures.” Rick continues: “One such opportunity presented itself when a local Spanish company, Quality Chemicals, invited us to visit their factory followed by traditional flamenco dancing. It was fantastic evening and truly one of the perks of working at an international company such as CellMark.”

Overall we accomplished a lot at the show coming home with new business and more importantly, new ideas to drive future business growth.



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Connecting with new Business Partners at Supply Side West

AnMar and CellMark Chemicals attended the Supply Side West (SSW) show in Las Vegas in October. The show was well attended and it seems that exhibitors went over the top on their company displays.

We had multiple meetings, and were one of the few companies that had a new product offer. Although developed in 2001, the Phytomineral1) products grown hydroponically in the USA has not been marketed to its fullest potential. AnMar has been given this opportunity by the founder, and had two major, and one minor presentation at the show. Both presentations were very well received, and all three projects are now moving forward. The business potential from these products ranging from Phyto-Sel, Iron, Chrome, and Zinc is quite large. We also have the ability to grind the plants, and granulate which can be done in our own processing facility.

We came away from the show with new leads, a better understanding of the current market as well as new sources for procurement. Two days after the show we were able to introduce to our largest beverage customer a new supplier contact developed at the SSW. It was a very successful meeting, where they showed great interest and immediately requested samples. It is unusual to have such an immediate response. The team was energized and walked away feeling this was one of the very best shows attended in many years!


1) Phytominerals are minerals derived from plants.



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Meeting the Next Generation of Entrepreneurs

During two days, Nov 2-3, the Gothenburg office unleashed some of their “super powers” at GADDEN, which is one of Northern Europe’s largest career fairs for business-, law-, logistics- and environmental science students. A big congratulations to the GADDEN committee and Gothenburg University’s School of Business, Economics and Law who really succeed to organize a top class arrangement where student could meet company representatives and start building relationships with potential future employers and vice versa.

For some of CellMark’s employees this was the first time they run a stand at this type of student fair and it was just as exciting for them as for the students. In the stand, the student could participate in a competition where they could win a lunch meeting with CellMark’s CEO. They could also sign up for a business case evening at our Gothenburg office, exchange experiences with our colleagues and learn more about the PaperSeed Foundation.



Thank you for your support to PaperSeed

Inspired by this year’s GADDEN theme “Unleash your Superpowers” we wanted to meet the events ambition to clarify its responsibility to improve the sustainability of the fair so instead of handing out giveaways to the students they picked up a $2-worth recyclable cardboard coin that they helped us put in a PaperSeed collection box. In connection with this event CellMark donated USD 1000 to PaperSeed.

When we now summarize our impressions we can see that it was a great success – we got 140 potential entrepreneurs interested in our company and the PaperSeed Foundation. Within the next couple of weeks, a few lucky student will get the opportunity to meet our CEO, Fredrik Anderson during a lunch and learn more about what is going on at CellMark. The planning of CellMark’s business case evening end January has already begun. This will be a great opportunity for student to learn more about our global meeting place and for CellMark people to connect to students and build valuable relationships. We are very excited to arrange this business case event and look forward to this evening.




It was great meeting you at GADDEN

Finally, we wish to thank all participant who we have met during the GADDEN career fair. We had a great time, meeting you and discussing your future career! Altogether it was an enriching way to get inspired by next generation of entrepreneurs and hopefully we manage to attract more talented people to our family of entrepreneurs.

Read more about CellMark’s engagement in the PaperSeed Foundation.

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Aluminium 2016 in Düsseldorf

We are pleased to share with you that CellMark Metals will be present at this year’s ALUMINIUM 2016 11th World Trade Fair & Conference from 29th November to 1st December in Düsseldorf. Our boot can be find in Hall 11 I21.

With more than 1000 exhibitors from more than 50 countries this tradeshow provides and overview of the entire aluminium industry. It is a meeting place for suppliers of raw materials, semi-finished and finished products, surface treatment and producers of machinery, plant and equipment for aluminium processing and manufacturing.

 “We look forward to meeting new and existing customers and suppliers as well as finding new business opportunities.”




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Paper & Print fits well into the Multi-Platform

FIPP Asia Pacific were held on Sept. 27-28 in Singapore, an event that brings together expert speakers, delegates and exhibitors (Asia-Pacific and international) and offers the chance to engage in the exciting opportunities now opening up in the region. FIPP is a network for global media. The network represents content-rich companies or individuals involved in the creation, publishing or sharing of quality content.

Holmen Paper AB had a stand in the conference and invited CellMark Paper’s Diana Qiu to participate in the conference and presented CellMark to the audience. Diana reflects on the event: “Our presentation was short but unique, since all the other speakers were all talking about media, especially digital media, while we were talking about paper and print media. So, the natural question to ask oneself in this context would be: Were we odd to the audience? And the answer was: No! I saw great interest there. During the breaks, there were many participants visiting our stand and showed great interest in Paper.”




In early 2010s, the general saying among media strategists were to manage print for profit and digital for growth and many magazines went digital. The mobile shift made magazines begin to explore methods of distributing content other than print and apps and videos were created as the social media pages achieved many likes and the engagement grew.

Diana continues with a quote of a few sentence from an article she just read: “With the advent of the digital age, many magazines have been moving away from print capitalizing on the sharing power of social media platforms for success among a new generation of readers. But the truth is, people love print as much as the generations that preceeded them.”

Digital media may be even bigger in the future, but we see that paper and print is still popular today. Diana’s take away from FIPP Asia Pacific is that digital media will not kill print & paper. People have always discovered new ways for storytelling and adapt to what is the unique needs of their own business. Print on paper and digital play different roles in the way they interact with the reader. Companies now establish a multi-platform approach in order to reach and move their audience. Diana ends with:

“I believe paper have bright future and combined with other media, print will continue to attract and engage people.”


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Joining Center for Higher Ambition Leadership

CellMark has joined the Center for Higher Ambition Leadership (CHL). In short, CHL can be described as “the foundation for leaders who want to build a great company that delivers sustained economic and social value.” There are many values that CellMark’ share with CHL. It’s an institution driven by a sense of purpose and mission that goes beyond just making quarterly numbers. They aspire to build great and enduring institutions that deliver superior value to their people, their customers, their communities and their investors.

CellMark has a series of guiding principles/values which act as the bedrock for all of our operations. In addition to our commonly-shared values, we have a culture that is dedicated to surpassing expectations, we celebrate our success stories and learn from our experiences, we focus on training, and the promotion of innovation – our team is empowered to grow the company to its full potential. In partnership with CHL, CellMark see potential to leverage the power bar that can really make things happen – to create superior economic value for our all our stakeholders simultaneously.

“We are very enthusiastic about CellMark joining us as a partner. CellMark’s vision and strategy are wonderful examples of ambitions that go beyond any benchmark to break new ground.”

Tobias Fredberg, Professor in Technology Management at Chalmers University of Technology, Gothenburg and Executive Director of CHL in Europe says: “We are very enthusiastic about CellMark joining us as a partner. CellMark’s vision and strategy are wonderful examples of ambitions that go beyond any benchmark to break new ground. The center for higher ambition leadership is a community for companies and CEOs that aim to become role models in their fields by innovating in their business models and in their organizations to create higher value for more stakeholders. We look forward to joining CellMark on its very exciting journey ahead.”

CellMark’s President and CEO, Fredrik Anderson, develops further the reason behind this step: “To be able to surpass expectations CellMark believe firmly that networking, which is what we do and what is needed around the globe to serve our valued principals, is a great way of learning faster from others so that we can draw experiences from great companies and leaders. Proactive learning from others is essential to create progress and development. Higher ambition leadership is also completely aligned.

About Center for Higher ambitions Leadership:

The Center for Higher Ambition Leadership (CHL) is a non-profit institution dedicated to develop and support a growing global community of leaders who have higher ambitions for themselves and their institutions. Higher ambition leaders are driven by a sense of purpose that goes beyond just achieving financial success. They aspire to build enterprises that sustainably outperform in the marketplace by earning the respect, trust and commitment of their people, customers, communities and investors. CHL have three offices in Boston, Southern California and Europe. Follow CHL blog.

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2016 CMRA Annual Convention

The metals team from CellMark China and Sunset Trading will attend this year’s CMRA convention hosted by China Nonferrous Metals Industry Association (CNIA) and organized by China Nonferrous Metals Industry Association Recycling Metals Branch (CMRA). Event will be held from November 7th through the 9th at Dongfang Hotel in Guangzhou, China.

Please e-mail and for meeting appointments and inquiries.



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Countdown of our Chicago Party has begun

CellMark is getting ready for its annual partner appreciation event in Chicago on October 20th. About 400 of our business partners, who also will be visiting Chicago for the annual Paper and Plastics Recycling Conference, have been invited to attend the party.

CellMark Recycling is a silver sponsor at the annual Paper and Plastics Recycling Conference, which is a meeting place for the recycling industry with a program focusing on commodity markets, demand trends and technology innovations and provides many networking opportunities, it attract the leaders who drive this industry.

The CellMark Chicago Party is also set up to benefit the PaperSeed Foundation and during the evening we will raise money for raffle prizes, auctions and donations. Together with the PaperSeed Foundation, the staff is getting ready and it is only the final sprint remaining now. Everyone is enthusiastic and looking very much forward to welcome all partners to come feel the love at Chicago’s Joy Disctrict!


 PaperSeed Foundation logotype.jpg

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Partnership with ATGen to sell Cancer Diagnosis Kit in Europe

On Sept 21, South Korean biotech company ATGen signed a Letter of Intent for strategic alliances with CellMark to expand in the European market with the sale and marketing of ATgen’s product NK Vue Kit. Through CellMark’s global marketing network, ATGen will roll out its NK Vue Kit, which helps to set early diagnosis of Cancer. Under this LOI agreement, ATGen can expect to accelerate overseas expansion and access local market research worldwide. CellMark recently expanded its business to include also Med Tech products and services. CellMark Medical    ATGen Co. Ltd. is a biotech company that manufactures and supplies proteins and antibodies worldwide.




NK Vue Kit
In the average human body, there are more than 5,000 abnormal cells such as cancer cells, growing and dying every day. The Natural Killer cell is the only cell that recognizes and attacks cancer cells, which can inhibit from the proliferation of cancer cells and prevent from recurrence. NK Vue is an analysis kit to check activity of Natural Killer cell which can be regarded as an anti-tumor immunity cell. The test can help assess your immune system’s ability to fight disease, providing an early warning signal to trigger additional testing or lifestyle changes.




ATGen Co Ltd’s full press release:
“ATgen announced that ATgen signed a LOI for strategic alliances with CellMark for the sale and marketing of NK Vue Kit on 21st Sep 2016. Both agreed to co-develop a global market expansion and increase sales through CellMark global marketing network. NK Vue is a analysis kit to check activity of Natural Killer cell which can be regarded as an antitumor immunity cell. CellMark, which was founded in Sweden in 1984, is a distributer of raw materials and supply-chain service provider. The annual trade volume reaches 6 million tons, and the Group sales is about 3 billion US dollars. CellMark is a truly global company with a network of 70 offices in 30 countries. Recently, the company leveraged it’s strong marketing and distribute platform expanding present business of Paper, Pulp, Packaging, Recycling, Chemicals, Metals and Energy to also include Bio Heath care and Med Tech. Under this LOI agreement with CellMark, ATgent can expect to accelerate overseas expansion by upgrading global marketing capacity. Local market research can be supported by using CellMark global network, which can also enable to sell NK Vue kit without any direct distributor management. CellMark platform also includes screening services to qualify local distributor and recruit a local employee and also can bring a great momentum to enter new market. CEO of ATgen Mr. Park said, “We could establish a bridgehead to secure an advance foundation for expansion toward unexplored field of Europe and South America. We will pioneer new market together with CellMark.”




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CellMark Medical – Launch of a new Business Unit

CellMark enter into new business area and will together with healthcare entrepreneurs offer products, services and solutions that will improve health and wellbeing globally. CellMark Medical, will enable innovative, small- and mid-sized, medical technology companies to accelerate their growth in emerging markets, predominantly in the Asia Pacific region, and offer an innovative and cost-effective IT platform to our MedTech partners and hospitals for them to do business on.


CellMark’s global presence in combination with the IT system provide a unique opportunity to add value to the global healthcare market in terms of open up new markets, offer distribution of products, consumables, chemicals and in the future drugs at significant lower costs than offered today and with better transparency between the product owners and the end users. The significantly improved transparency offers the product owners unprecedented insights into market needs for their product development.


CellMark Medical provide a global approach to its partners when it comes to product licenses and by that offer a new approach to a global issue in regards to product control. Our partners will have full control of their products on all markets over their life time. The opportunity for the product owners to protect their intellectual property, manage transactions in their home markets, improve data for their product development and at the same time drive growth globally is very attractive. On the receiving end, in emerging markets, local distributers and users will have access to products they need but  historically not have had access to. The cost efficient distribution model will ensure that products can be sold at an acceptable price level.

CellMark Medical, will be a solid meeting place for global entrepreneurs. Please do contact any of the team to discuss business opportunities!


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