New Business for our Pulp Division

CellMark’s Pulp Division is always actively working on new agencies and business development. We are pleased to announce our newest agency representation with our partners at Södra. They have chosen CellMark to represent them into the Middle East, Korea, Malaysia and for the all important Tissue sector in China. The new agency corresponds to their pulp mill expansion at their Värö pulp mill in South West of Sweden and the new capacity will translate to new sales volume for CellMark in H2 2016 with a target of 100,000 tonnes by 2017.



About Södra Cell Värö Pulp Mill

Södra Cell Värö pulp mill was built in 1972. Currently it produces 425 000 tpa of high quality totally chlorine-free softwood pulp employing around 330 people. Södra runs a number of other operations in conjunction with Södra Cell Värö: Södra Cell R&D, the Södra sawmill in Värö and Södra Skog Region West. The mill is also now a supplier of electricity and district heating. At the end of 2013 it started production of wood pellets.

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Volunteering Around the World on PaperSeed Day 2016

On Friday, May 20th, CellMark employees from around the world left their desks behind and gave back to their communities, participating in the first global PaperSeed Day.

In 2015, the CellMark Management team generously agreed to give employees paid time to contribute and volunteer. The PaperSeed Foundation assembled kits to help CellMark employees plan the volunteer day and sent them to every major CellMark office around the globe. The result was remarkable – over 100 CellMark employees from 7 offices volunteered around the world.


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Though activities varied from place to place, the spirit remained the same: CellMark employees in PaperSeed Local Committees went above and beyond to create a meaningful volunteer experience for their coworkers. Their presence in the community and dedication to giving back truly is a reflection of CellMark Cares- one of the CellMark’s five Guiding Principles. What’s wonderful is how CellMark attracts people who want to make an impact, both at home and abroad. PaperSeed is lucky to have not just the support of CellMark, but the people who work for CellMark around the world and offer their time and energy to our cause.


 Photo 20-05-16 15 58 41


“Taking time out of our busy lives to helpothers that are less fortunate

is a good way to show that we, CellMark, care about the communities

where we are present and this is also living our Guiding Principles.”


Read more about PaperSeed’s work in their blog:




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Silver Sponsor at Argus Biomass Conference in Singapore

Our Pulp team is participing in the Argus Bio Mass Conference in Singapore with William Stroem, Tan Nguyen and Craig Jackson attending. CellMark has signed up as a silver sponsor and will have a booth at the exhibition as well as Craig Jackson will give a presentation on the Supply Chain Management aspects of the pellet business in Asia. Conference runs from June 29- June 30 with attendees from across all interested parties in the Bio Mass sector in Asia.

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CellMark’s PaperSeed Foundation Raises $75,000 at Wee Burn

The PaperSeed Foundation, recently raised $75,000 at a golf tournament at Wee Burn Country Club, Connecticut USA. The Foundation will use the money to benefit children in traditionally underserved communities around the world.

Because CellMark  pays PaperSeed’s administrative costs, all funds raised will support the Foundation’s highly effective educational programs. These include establishment of schools, healthcare facilities, micro-grants, and job training in poor, rural areas of Central and South America, India, Africa, and in American inner cities.



“This was our first PaperSeed golf tournament, and it couldn’t have gone better,” said Joe Hoffman, president of CellMark Paper. “We had a great group, a sunny day in the mid-70s, world-class food, and the nicest golf course in Connecticut, with an exceptional, incredibly helpful staff.

“We also had excellent help from celebrities like New York Ranger great Brian Leetch,  UConn Hockey Coach Mike Cavanaugh, former Oakland Raider Phil Villapiano, and Tony Capasso, the owner from Gabriele’s Steakhouse in Greenwich. They really brought out the crowds, which helped immeasurably.”



Leetch, for example, provided a signed jersey that garnered $1,000 at auction. Jerseys signed by Cam Atkinson of Greenwich and the Columbus Blue Jackets, and Chris Kreider of the Rangers went for more than $500 each. A suite at Lambeau Field in Green Bay brought in a whopping $5,000.

“This event will support many critical programs,” said PaperSeed Director Aliyya Shelley Mattos. “Moreover, most of the overseas work we do is beyond the financial reach of local villagers, but inexpensive by Western standards. The money raised at this golf tournament will make a transformational difference in hundreds of lives.”




While most PaperSeed programs support poor children in other countries, local kids benefit, too. Stamford’s Project Music, an intensive youth music program designed to create positive social change through musical excellence, was granted $7,500. And the kids have clearly earned it! About 20 Project Music children played for tourney participants using overturned drywall buckets as percussion instruments. The PaperSeed grant will purchase more buckets, as well as flutes, violins, and cymbals for the precocious musicians.

Though the tournament is over, PaperSeed continues to host creative and fun events to raise money for its programs. To participate in these events, to donate, or to simply learn more about PaperSeed, check

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