CellMark Medical – Launch of a new Business Unit

CellMark enter into new business area and will together with healthcare entrepreneurs offer products, services and solutions that will improve health and wellbeing globally. CellMark Medical, will enable innovative, small- and mid-sized, medical technology companies to accelerate their growth in emerging markets, predominantly in the Asia Pacific region, and offer an innovative and cost-effective IT platform to our MedTech partners and hospitals for them to do business on.


CellMark’s global presence in combination with the IT system provide a unique opportunity to add value to the global healthcare market in terms of open up new markets, offer distribution of products, consumables, chemicals and in the future drugs at significant lower costs than offered today and with better transparency between the product owners and the end users. The significantly improved transparency offers the product owners unprecedented insights into market needs for their product development.


CellMark Medical provide a global approach to its partners when it comes to product licenses and by that offer a new approach to a global issue in regards to product control. Our partners will have full control of their products on all markets over their life time. The opportunity for the product owners to protect their intellectual property, manage transactions in their home markets, improve data for their product development and at the same time drive growth globally is very attractive. On the receiving end, in emerging markets, local distributers and users will have access to products they need but  historically not have had access to. The cost efficient distribution model will ensure that products can be sold at an acceptable price level.

CellMark Medical, will be a solid meeting place for global entrepreneurs. Please do contact any of the team to discuss business opportunities!


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