2016 CMRA Annual Convention

The metals team from CellMark China and Sunset Trading will attend this year’s CMRA convention hosted by China Nonferrous Metals Industry Association (CNIA) and organized by China Nonferrous Metals Industry Association Recycling Metals Branch (CMRA). Event will be held from November 7th through the 9th at Dongfang Hotel in Guangzhou, China.

Please e-mail Sean.Powell@cellmark.com and August.Chen@cellmark.com for meeting appointments and inquiries.



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Countdown of our Chicago Party has begun

CellMark is getting ready for its annual partner appreciation event in Chicago on October 20th. About 400 of our business partners, who also will be visiting Chicago for the annual Paper and Plastics Recycling Conference, have been invited to attend the party.

CellMark Recycling is a silver sponsor at the annual Paper and Plastics Recycling Conference, which is a meeting place for the recycling industry with a program focusing on commodity markets, demand trends and technology innovations and provides many networking opportunities, it attract the leaders who drive this industry.

The CellMark Chicago Party is also set up to benefit the PaperSeed Foundation and during the evening we will raise money for raffle prizes, auctions and donations. Together with the PaperSeed Foundation, the staff is getting ready and it is only the final sprint remaining now. Everyone is enthusiastic and looking very much forward to welcome all partners to come feel the love at Chicago’s Joy Disctrict!


 PaperSeed Foundation logotype.jpg

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Partnership with ATGen to sell Cancer Diagnosis Kit in Europe

On Sept 21, South Korean biotech company ATGen signed a Letter of Intent for strategic alliances with CellMark to expand in the European market with the sale and marketing of ATgen’s product NK Vue Kit. Through CellMark’s global marketing network, ATGen will roll out its NK Vue Kit, which helps to set early diagnosis of Cancer. Under this LOI agreement, ATGen can expect to accelerate overseas expansion and access local market research worldwide. CellMark recently expanded its business to include also Med Tech products and services. CellMark Medical    ATGen Co. Ltd. is a biotech company that manufactures and supplies proteins and antibodies worldwide.




NK Vue Kit
In the average human body, there are more than 5,000 abnormal cells such as cancer cells, growing and dying every day. The Natural Killer cell is the only cell that recognizes and attacks cancer cells, which can inhibit from the proliferation of cancer cells and prevent from recurrence. NK Vue is an analysis kit to check activity of Natural Killer cell which can be regarded as an anti-tumor immunity cell. The test can help assess your immune system’s ability to fight disease, providing an early warning signal to trigger additional testing or lifestyle changes.






ATGen Co Ltd’s full press release:
“ATgen announced that ATgen signed a LOI for strategic alliances with CellMark for the sale and marketing of NK Vue Kit on 21st Sep 2016. Both agreed to co-develop a global market expansion and increase sales through CellMark global marketing network. NK Vue is a analysis kit to check activity of Natural Killer cell which can be regarded as an antitumor immunity cell. CellMark, which was founded in Sweden in 1984, is a distributer of raw materials and supply-chain service provider. The annual trade volume reaches 6 million tons, and the Group sales is about 3 billion US dollars. CellMark is a truly global company with a network of 70 offices in 30 countries. Recently, the company leveraged it’s strong marketing and distribute platform expanding present business of Paper, Pulp, Packaging, Recycling, Chemicals, Metals and Energy to also include Bio Heath care and Med Tech. Under this LOI agreement with CellMark, ATgent can expect to accelerate overseas expansion by upgrading global marketing capacity. Local market research can be supported by using CellMark global network, which can also enable to sell NK Vue kit without any direct distributor management. CellMark platform also includes screening services to qualify local distributor and recruit a local employee and also can bring a great momentum to enter new market. CEO of ATgen Mr. Park said, “We could establish a bridgehead to secure an advance foundation for expansion toward unexplored field of Europe and South America. We will pioneer new market together with CellMark.”




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