New Office in Shanghai

Recently, the CellMark Shanghai Office completed the re-location to a new place. We have now 6 divisions – Pulp, Paper, Packaging, Recycling, Chemicals and Metals – sitting together in a brand-new office building located in the west center of Shanghai City. It’s the first time that so many of our business areas are joined in one and the same work place. While you may think that the most obvious benefit with this model is cost savings and information sharing, there are other benefits too. It will improve speed and efficiency in customer support. We see that if we structure cross-divisional teams, it allows for broader supply chain services capabilities, more engagement and added value to our customers.

Increased knowledge sharing is proven to strengthen synergies and ideation for business development – leading to competences that will help our customers tweak their business and surpass expectations.

We have high aspirations that this cluster of skills will generate more business creation across industry segments. Going forward, this model is likely to be copied as we aim for more collaboration and synergies. For us, it’s about providing conditions for viable business and sustainable global trade.

We welcome all of our colleagues and customers to visit our new office in Shanghai!


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Synergy Among Eight Divisions in China

Early November, our China team of 67 people from eight divisions together with some colleagues from Singapore met in Xiamen City for our annual outing. After a full day of productive meetings where thoughts and ideas were exchanged, everyone now experience a better understanding of the nature of our business and stronger relationships.

Eight divisions collaborating – true synergy!





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Ernström Invests in CellMark


On November 27, 2017 Ernström & C:o acquired a minority shareholding in CellMark Investment AB and signed a preference share agreement which within two years entails an ownership of approximate 22 percent of CellMark Investment AB. Ernström and CellMark have developed a strong relationship and there is a commercial and cultural fit between the two groups.

“The rationale for a new partner goes beyond the purchase of shares from selling shareholders. The introduction of a new long term investor will provide fresh capital and also stability for the future. The commitment of such a high quality investor as Ernström is an endorsement of CellMark and reflects the strength of our prospects. Furthermore, at a time of transition in our senior team, Ernström and its representatives will add skills and direction to our Board and support our very able management team,” says Thomas Hedberg, who will remain Chairman of CellMark Investment AB.

“Ernström sees a strong potential in CellMark’s entrepreneurial culture and its global presence. Ernström has a proven track record of supporting strong and independent entrepreneurial companies and we believe that CellMark possess great characteristic to succeed in an increasingly global and digitalized economic landscape. We will be an active strategic partner to CellMark, our ambition is to support the company’s continued development over many years going forward,” commented Fabian Hielte, CEO Ernström & C:o.

Fredrik Anderson, CEO CellMark, further add: “The additional capital and professionalism provided by Ernström will support the growth prospects of our company and amplify our global business platform.”

Ernström & C:o is a family-owned investment company that, in active partnership with other partners, owns and develops companies in order to create long-term value. Ernström & C:o is industry independent and invest in both mature companies, growth companies, and in listed
as well as privately owned companies. Investments typically involve an active ownership commitment together with strong entrepreneurs where we jointly define and implement a development plan for the company.

CellMark is an innovative global resource network facilitating international trade and business development for the global industry. Together with its business partners CellMark deliver products, services, and solutions to the world market. With a network of 70 offices in +30 countries, the company specializes in sales & marketing, logistics and financial services connecting entrepreneurs in the areas of Chemicals, Metals, Pulp, Paper, Packaging, Recycling and Medical devices. The company is employee-owned and has an annual sales of USD 2.7 Billion. The Vision to “surpass expectations” is driven by the entire team’s efforts to always ensure its business partners’ success.


Ernström & C:o 
Henrik Forsberg Schoultz
+46 709 90 55 67

Fredrik Anderson
+46 31 100 300

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CellMark in Madrid Manages Holmen Paper Sales in Iberica

As from October all Holmen Paper sales in Spain and Portugal are managed by our Madrid team as Holmen’s local sales office was closed down during the fall. Holmen Paper and CellMark have today a partnership in several markets globally. Through our Madrid offices we serve publishers, printers, editors, retailers and similar companies and offer fresh-fiber paper products from Holmen’s Swedish mills.

Together, the Iberian team of five people have an experience age of 82 years in the paper industry. Which is pretty impressive for a new office. We asked the group what their impressions was of our company so far. They mentioned that they had experienced a nice friendly welcoming. The main attraction, is the entire group’s global and local knowledge, holistic approach, understanding of today’s business landscape, broad information base, and synergies thanks to our diversity in our divisions. So many people with local capabilities in a global context, open to opportunities and business that lies ahead of them. This opens up a world outside of a paper company, which they find very exciting.

We welcoming our Madrid friends to CellMark and wishing them good luck with the business!

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Good Friends and Festive Southern Vibe – An Unforgettable Party!

Mid October, the CellMark Recycling VIP Client Appreciation Party took place in Fulton Market, Chicago. This year’s lavish theme “Carnivale“ got a lot of attention for its musty ambience and spicy flavors. A plethora of entertainment like aerialist show, samba dancers, cigar roller, live exotic birds, fire dancers, music was enjoyed during the evening.


CellMark Recycling VIP Client Appreciation Party has a long tradition. Our Recycling Division has hosted the event in Chicago for the past 10 years. About 400 of our business partners, who the same week are visiting the annual Paper and Plastics Recycling Conference, were invited to attend the party. Since inception, it has become a dual purpose event with a tremendous success. We want to show our deep appreciation for the business that we do and to honor our most valued suppliers, customers, partners, and friends – the best crowd of individual personalities!

Over the years it has become an extremely well-known and highly anticipated and respected industry event that continues to strengthen and highlight the CellMark brand & core values. The party is also set up to benefit the PaperSeed Foundation as a platform to help raise funds via elaborate prize raffles and auctions. This year was our best year to date. We are very excited about the fact that we managed to raise over $15,000 for PaperSeed!

Thank you all for a great party, all the joy and warmth that was reached out to us during the evening. Hope to see you again next year!


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We Congratulate the Winners of the Publishing Prize

Proudly we announce that we came third in the Publishing Prize and also wish to congratulate the winners in the same category as we competed in, KF and Volvo Car Group.

In September we announced that our Annual Report had been nominated for The Publishing Prize, an annual juried contest for films, websites, newspapers, magazines, books and other printed matter in English, Norwegian or Swedish. We have particiated before and been nominated 3 times, winner 2 times as well as been rewarded with an extraordinary prize for the design and visual content.

Over the years, we have collaborated with the art director Andrew Cowie, who has been our loyal companion and guide in having the work of various artists decorate our financial result. Andrew has, and are still, challenging us with ideas and we are greatly impressed by his versatility and design creativity. This year, we believe that Andrew has done something really extraordinary – we are featuring a very characteristic French entrepreneur in art, named Jean-Claude Floch.

Floc’h has created numerous books, comic books and commercial illustrations in the typical style ligne Claire. In fact, we found this artist so very special and interesting so we decided to meet him in person to find out more about him. We are happy to share the memorable moments we had visiting Floc’h and invite you to read the story.

In image from left to right: Fredrik Anderson, CEO CellMark, Jean-Claude Floch, Artist and Andrew Cowie, Art Director. C52.

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CellMark Japan 50 years Anniversary


In 1967, after the post-war reconstruction period, the company was originally established in Tokyo to introduce industrial products of French origin into Japan. Over the years, the company has managed to navigate and quickly adapt to the prevailing circumstances and the challenges of the surrounding world and has constructively evolved with oil crisis, Plaza accord, and Asian currency crisis among others. Today, CellMark Japan has establish a stable position and strive to earn and maintain the market’s confidence and respect. We value our relationships highly and proudly celebrate our 50 years anniversary this year.  It has been achievable entirely thanks to continuous support from all our valuable customers over the years.

In the words of Japanese classical literature, “Hojoki”, it is said “The flow of the river is ceaseless and its water is never the same.” I believe, from long experience, that people know that life never stay the same and everything will change. Sometimes change brings you hard test and sometimes change trains you to be stronger. Even after 50 years, CellMark Japan promise we will keep growing powerfully.

We are developing new business fields in paper related products, food ingredients, bio-energy, and medical devices, utilizing various experiences we learnt over long time working with industrial products in the areas of Metals and Chemicals. We look forward to working with new and existing partners and are highly grateful for and appreciate your continuous support.


October, 2017
Masaru Sakamoto
Representative Director of CellMark Japan


History of CellMark Japan




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セルマーク・ジャパン株式会社 創立50 周年


1967 年高度成長期の只中、フランスの鉱工業製品を日本に紹介する

セルマーク・ジャパン株式会社として、今年創立50 周年を迎える

ゆく河の流れはは絶えずして、しかももとの水にあらず。」( 方丈記

50 年の歳月を経て私たちは更に変化を乗り越え、セルマーク・グルー

申し上げます 。

2017 年10 月吉日
代表取締役 坂本 勝







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Our Teams Bring Home Innovative Ideas and Business Leads

At CellMark we see more and more often that cross-divisional work pays off. A recent example of this is the DrincTex exhibition in Munich mid September. After 5 days of exhibiting our two team CellMark Technology and CellMark Chemicals both “brought home” innovative ideas and business leads.

The DrinkTec exhibition in Munich is the world´s leading trade fair for the beverage and liquid food industry with over 1,500 exhibitors and around 67,000 visitors. Drinctec turned out to be a great networking event.  CellMark’s Technology team was represented by Jonathan Östergren Bööj, Ulf Sjödin and Martin Skoger. With the slogan “TURNING RESIDUES INTO NEW PRODUCTS” they demonstrated innovative solution of valorising biological residues. These solutions were met with very positive attraction from the industry which created new possible leads.

One valuable takeaway is the collaboration between our two teams, Technology and Chemicals. CellMark Chemicals divisional representatives also present at the fair, Frédéric Roquefeuil, Hyoungjun Ahn, Rick Schatz, Friedrich Grothe and Sarah-Lisa Wendt, all showed stunning cross-divisional support where many new synergetic innovative ideas emerged, something we will definitly see more of in future.



Jonathan Östergren Bööj


See also our earlier posting about this technology.


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CellMark Packaging at India Folding Carton Expo

CellMark Packaging Team is participating at India Folding Carton Expo September 14-16 in New Dehli to learn about demands, trends and meeting entrepreneurs & new collaborations. Co-located with India CorrExpo – a corrugated packaging trade fair, the event attracts trade professionals also from the corrugated industry. Contact to book a meeting or stop by out booth No D13 for a chat.




About India Folding Carton Expo from their website:

“This is India’s premier business event and conference for post-print manufacturing equipment and consumables from the folding carton industry. The show offers a powerful and knowledge networking base for each industry player who wants to deal with the optimization of processes and the creation of solutions for the folding carton industry.” 



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