Partnership with Richard Wolf, Pioneers in Endoscopy

CellMark Medical is pleased to announce a new partnership with Richard Wolf GmbH. With effective from 1 September 2017, CellMark Medical will be the authorized distributor for Richard Wolf in the territory of Hong Kong and Macau.

Richard Wolf is an internationally renowned manufacturer that offers a wide range of products and systems for endoscopy and extracorporeal shock wave treatment. These instruments are supplied to virtually all specialist disciplines in human medicine.

CellMark’s global resource network and trading platform provide a unique hub for advanced medical technology, with offices in 30 countries where Hong Kong is the CellMark Medial Headquarters in the APAC region.

The new partnership is surely an important step for CellMark and our ultimate goal is to fulfill customers’ clinical needs by bringing the latest endoscopy products to every specialty.

For any inquiries, please do not hesitate to call
CellMark Medical hotline +852 28821208.



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Cloud Technology Help us Provide Personalized Health Care Services

Today we announce that CellMark partners with Health Invest Finland, a Finnish startup company focusing on smart device technology to improve health care. CellMark’s expertise in medical device distribution, logistics and sales support will enable My+Care™ to gain traction with healthcare facilities around the world. The partnership will cover Asia, Europe, Africa, N America, S America and the Middle East.

Health Invest has developed an innovative health 24/7 service solution in the form of a wristband, My+Care™. The band makes health care mobile and makes it easier to predict and anticipate patients’ needs. It registers a condition or behavior instantly. For instance, if we move or fall the data is analyzed in an app in real time, and help can be sent instantaneously.


We are heading in a direction where there are more people in need of care than there are resources. The My+Care™ technology is developed to be used in the health care sector, for public as well as private establishments. Both patients and providers benefit from this new cloud-based technology which will make health care happen promptly and secure personalized care. Consequently it may save or even extend human lives. With this kind of cloud based technology solutions, we can envision a future of health care that provides us with dignity, security and a valuable way of life while keeping the sense of independency and privacy.

There’s also potential for use of this technology in other areas beyond the health sector which makes it even more interesting.

“I’m very excited to see how our extensive partnership with Health Invest Finland is evolving. Based on mutual trust and transparency, Health Invest Finland and CellMark have created a business concept to secure supply of the My+Carehardware and a structure to provide service for customers worldwide. We believe that this agreement and future collaboration between our two companies is the way forward that will lead to sustainable business growth and improved patient outcomes in a world that is ageing fast ”, commented Niclas Möttus Olsson, President CellMark Medical.

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Creating Space for Innovation is Vital

A couple of months ago Marcus Wahlberg, coordinating the Taskforce for business development at CellMark, had the great pleasure of discussing innovation with Peet van Biljon, Senior Advisor at Innovation 360 Group and former Global Innovation Practice Manager at McKinsey & Company, during a workshop on innovation that CellMark sponsored in Washington, D.C. As Peet points out, it’s important to strike a balance between focusing on today’s efficient operations and the strategic decisions and investments for tomorrow. It’s fascinating how we build efficiencies into our organizations, and the better we build, the more rigid we become.

However, innovation is rarely efficient, yet it’s vital for the very survival of a firm. Thus, creating a space for innovation is vital. It’s of course difficult,  but difficult is good, because few can handle it, and the rewards for the ones that can are great. Find our more ont he topic in this video.




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