Happy New Year 2019!

Thank you all for great collaboration during 2018. Your support and enthusiasm over the year have been important for us. Whether you are a customer, partner, supplier, employee, follower or friend, you are always a big part of our journey.  During 2018, we have created great things together. Let’s make 2019 at least as good.

But first: let’s party!




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Seasons Greetings

This year we donate a gift to the PaperSeed Foundation and thereby support their work for children. At the same time we send all our customers and partners seasons greetings and the best wished for the new year.

The PaperSeed Foundation is a non-profit organization dedicated to strengthening educational opportunities for children and young people in underserved and resource lacking communities around the world. CellMark provides financial support for all of PaperSeed’s administrative and operating expenses, which allows 100% of donations to directly benefit educational projects.

PaperSeed works in partnership with CellMark, business partners of CellMark, community based and non-profit organizations to create networks that alleviate poverty through education.

PaperSeed is happy to provide effective corporate social responsibility and employee engagement opportunities to the forest products, chemicals and metals industries. To find out how to support our work or get directly involved, please visit www.paperseed.org



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CellMark Highlights 2014

Our extensive story stretches 35 years back in time. Follow us on a journey through our history. Discover more about our highlights, network, our specialists and the long lasting relationships we build together with our industry partners.

The next milestone is,


Together with Norske Skog we form Norcell Asia. Norcell now providing for high-quality printing and writing paper distribution in both North America and Asia.

Today we run a diversity of exclusive sales, marketing and distribution channels in partnership with key industrial producers and manufacturers.

Contact CellMark Paper



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CellMark Highlights 2012

Our extensive story stretches 35 years back in time. Follow us on a journey through our history. Discover more about our highlights, network, our specialists and the long lasting relationships we build together with our industry partners.

The next milestone is 2012, this is the year we add our Basic Chemicals Division to our platform.


CellMark operates a new business line, Basic Chemicals, and CellMark Pulp is established as a leading supplier of Biomass to Energy.

Today Basic Chemicals is expanding into new markets driven by a highly motivated and agile team of professionals, comparable to our Caustic and Biomass platforms large contribution to our Pulp Division.



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Planting Trees to Maintain Paper Production

Last week, Penguin Random House in Spain invited writers, suppliers, and customers to a tree planting excursion. CellMark Paper were invited as representative for Holmen Paper. The focus of the day was on sustainability and preservation of the forest for future generations.

The idea was that representatives from the whole book production chain starting from the publisher, paper manufacturer, printer, FSC, and paper recycler shared what they do to support the sustainability and preservation of our environment. With this action they wanted to point out the important role we all have in the book making process and how vital it is to maintain our raw material paper. After the presentations everyone was invited by WWF to plant trees in Parque Natural de Montnegre, a national park close to Barcelona.

Thank you Penguin Random House and WWF for a great day!


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Thanks for an Excellent Customer Appreciation Evening



Mid October, the yearly CellMark VIP Customer Appreciation Party was held at The Royal Palms Shuffleboard Club in Chicago. This year’s theme “One hot Havana night” included lots of festive entertainment, good live music and an open bar with a variety of tropical food and refreshments. And of course 10 courts for playing authentic Shuffleboard!

The event is always designed to show our deepest appreciation to all of our most valued vendors and customers for their continued support to CellMark Recycling while raising money for the PaperSeed Foundation and having a great time after a fruitful conference. Thanks to all partners we managed to raise about USD 15,000 via cabana sales and raffled off a variety of tech-based prizes.

The big takeaway is that we continue to succeed at building long-standing, meaningful relationships with the diverse group of people that we do business with around the world.

Thanks to all partners for a joyful and memorable evening. Hope to see you again next year!




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What makes an Employer Attractive?

Last week CellMark participated at the recurrent GADDEN career fair in Gothenburg. We were happy to meet so many enthusiastic students. It was especially interesting to learn about students’ expectations on their future employers, as you can see in the video.

As many as 14 Gothenburg colleagues spent two fantastic days interacting with students from the local university. This year we surpassed our own expectations and managed to engage as many as 193 students to participate in our competition and to visit our office to learn more about CellMark and global trade.

We are pleased to advise that in connection with GADDEN CellMark donate USD 750 to the PaperSeed Foundation.

Thank you for visiting our booth!

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Christer Simrén Appointed new CEO of CellMark


The Board of Directors of CellMark Investment AB has appointed Christer Simrén as new President and Chief Executive Officer of CellMark. Christer Simrén will be stationed in Gothenburg and start his new position in January 2019. Thomas Hedberg remains Chairman of the Board.

Founded in Gothenburg in 1984, CellMark has grown strongly and developed positively over the years. With a clear growth strategy for continued business development, we now welcome a management shift and a new CEO who sees the big picture with global vision combined with strong focus on results.

Christer Simrén previously held the position as COO and Executive Vice President of BillerudKorsnäs Group. He brings many years of experience from a successful career with leadership of rapid improvement, tune-up and turnaround of large-scale high-volume business organizations. Christer has proven leadership skills in managing complex organizations, sales, manufacturing and innovation. He has lead mergers, acquisitions and large negotiations and has experience working with people on all levels and to execute actions necessary for success.

Christer has extensive Board and Executive experience and has served as Member of Kinnevik Group Management, Executive Advisor for Accent Equity Partners, as COO and EVP at BillerudKorsnäs AB, as President and CEO at Korsnas AB, as President and CEO at Nordic Paper Bäckhammar AB and as MD and Founder of Mediabricks AB.

Christer has a PhD, i.e Dr Sc Industrial Management & Economics and a Master of Science in Business, Accounting and Finance and a Master of Science in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science.

For more information please contact Christer Simrén, +46 707951110 or Ulrika Cornéer Sterner, Marketing Communications Manager, + 46 733802146.


Press release 20181114 EN

Press release 20181114 SV



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Let’s Shape Your Tomorrow

The countdown has started for GADDEN 2018. This career fair started out 36 years ago and is today the largest event of its kind in the Nordic region. CellMark are looking forward to November 13-14, two fantastic days where we will interact with students from Gothenburg School of Business, Economics and Law at the University of Gothenburg. A school where you find research and education with global perspectives and a focus on sustainable development. Hope to see you there!



This year GADDEN wants to raise awareness through the theme “Shape your tomorrow”. With new angles and perspectives, they aim to highlight our unique differences and that all people have individual needs. CellMark is a global company continuously developing. Just like GADDEN’s idea, we are having a mixed palette of ingredients within our global CellMark community. Our strenghts lie in our differences and we believe that is what makes us unique and successful. In our booth, you will get the opportunity to talk about global trade, sign up for our fun after work and compete for a very special prize.

We hope to be able to shape your tomorrow! We are looking for engaged summer workers. Maybe it’s you?

Come and meet us there!

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CellMark Highlights 2011

Our extensive story stretches 35 years back in time. Follow us on a journey through our history. Discover more about our highlights, network, our specialists and the long lasting relationships we build together with our industry partners. The next milestone is 2011 —  it is now we deepen our partnership with PaperSeed Foundation.

Since the beginning CellMark has always believed in giving back. In 2011 we formalized this by beginning to underwrite all of the operations expense associated with the PaperSeed Foundation.

This is to allow 100% of donations that PaperSeed receives to go directly to helping kids.




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