Foundry Chemicals and FeSiMg at the Danish Foundry Association’s Yearly Anniversary

Last month, CellMark Metals’ foundry team visited the Danish Foundry Association’s 99th annual anniversary. Held on the island Fyn in Denmark, this yearly meeting is the perfect occasion to be at. It’ provides excellent opportunities for networking and knowledge sharing for people in the foundry and surface treatment industry.

Foundry Chemicals and FeSiMg

One of the speakers was Mr Luca Gonzo of Mazzon, CellMark’s partner for foundry chemicals. Another presenter was Luc Vereecken, manager of CellMark Metals’ Foundry team. Luc Vereeken made a presentation about the production and use of FeSiMg, a configuration of alloy that puts Mg, Rare Earth metals and Ca in ferro silicon. FeSiMg is mainly used as nodulariser for the production of ductile cast iron, therefore widely used in the metallurgic industry.

In partnership with FerroGlobe, a producer of foundry products in France, the US, Argentina and South Africa, CellMark has helped foundries choosing the right FeSiMg for over 30 years. Based on great experience and knowledge, Luc Vereecken shared lots of interesting insights to the other participants.

Benefit for all parties

The meeting was a big success for all parties, and both Mazzon and CellMark are now invited to celebrate next year’s big 100th anniversary of the Danish Foundry Association.

Learn more on how CellMark provide products and equipment to the European foundry and surface treatment industry, here!


The Danish Foundry Association (DSBF) is the speaker of the Danish foundries, representing the industry’s interests and providing advice to its members. DSBF is also a part of the Confederation of Danish Industry (DI) ─ a private organisation funded, owned and managed entirely by 10,000 companies within manufacturing, trade and service industry.



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