Let’s Shape Your Tomorrow

The countdown has started for GADDEN 2018. This career fair started out 36 years ago and is today the largest event of its kind in the Nordic region. CellMark are looking forward to November 13-14, two fantastic days where we will interact with students from Gothenburg School of Business, Economics and Law at the University of Gothenburg. A school where you find research and education with global perspectives and a focus on sustainable development. Hope to see you there!



This year GADDEN wants to raise awareness through the theme “Shape your tomorrow”. With new angles and perspectives, they aim to highlight our unique differences and that all people have individual needs. CellMark is a global company continuously developing. Just like GADDEN’s idea, we are having a mixed palette of ingredients within our global CellMark community. Our strenghts lie in our differences and we believe that is what makes us unique and successful. In our booth, you will get the opportunity to talk about global trade, sign up for our fun after work and compete for a very special prize.

We hope to be able to shape your tomorrow! We are looking for engaged summer workers. Maybe it’s you?

Come and meet us there!

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