CellMark’s Annual Report 2018 is here!

Is this a forgotten LP from the good old 60s? you may wonder. No, this is our Annual Report 2018, just delivered from the printer! This year’s design takes its inspiration from The Beatles’ The White Album, characterized by its minimalist and bright fresh classic look.

We also continue the tradition of having an artist featuring our report. This year’s artist is none other than the great fashion designer Bea Szenfeld. Bea began her artistic journey in ceramics but, undaunted, no stuff is taboo and over the years she has comfortably expressed herself in materials like vintage fabric, paper and even pasta.

She is a fashion designer, model maker, graphic designer and fine artist. A creator of things that fit into the hand or cover a whole wall. Her creations have been worn by Björk and Lady Gaga or adorned the shelves of Ikea, Christmas 2018. It is, perhaps, with her magical paper creations that Bea has really made her mark. Inspired, handmade, wearable sculptures; results of hundreds of hours of concentrated labour, jaw-dropping attire that defies comprehension. Wearable, fragile, totally impractical and stunningly beautiful.

We are very pleased with this great collaboration, not only with Bea but also with the great graphic designer Andrew Cowie at C52 Graphic Design, who recurrently has had the overall responsibility for CellMark’s annual report.

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