35th Anniversary Celebration in Europe

a table with wine glasses and candlesa table with wine glasses and candles

Wow! We are speechless! During the year, several celebrations of CellMark’s 35th anniversary have been taken place around the globe. And a couple of weeks ago it was Europe’s turn to celebrate. More than 150 happy employees had a fantastic time at Swedish Hotel Tylösand playing fun games, eating delicious food, sharing beautiful friendship and dancing like there was no tomorrow (which it was though ─ back in office the next day, ready to surpass expectations, as always!)

Gathering so many employees in the same spot, makes it even clearer that our company is strongly characterized by diversity. Our strength lies in our differences. That is what makes us unique and successful. This memorable celebration will keep us energized all through the long winter.


cellmark group photo on a beach

sunset on the coast of tylösand

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