Health, safety and business maintenance – our key focus in times of COVID-19

The COVID-19 pandemic has forced us all to live a life with a “new normal”. At CellMark, we still take the pandemic spread very seriously and we do everything we can to meet this new situation that continues to change rapidly.

As a company operating globally, we are closely monitoring the local developments and proactively planning for new potential measures that may need to be taken. Since the situation differs from country to county, our measures vary accordingly.

However, our common focus within the entire organization is to secure the health and safety of our employees and partners, while maintaining our business to the greatest extent possible. Our company vision is to always Surpass Expectations – also in times of difficulties.

Our supply chain is fully operational and we continue to provide products, services, and solutions to our customers and suppliers all over the world. Many of our employees are still working from home with great success. Our customers, suppliers, and partners can still reach their current contact person at CellMark as usual, with no change to e-mail address or phone number.

We continue to follow governmental recommendations and adjust operations accordingly. If the pandemic were to befall our business to an extent that affects our customers, suppliers or partners, everyone concerned will be contacted by us directly.

We hope that you and your loved ones are in good health.
Stay safe and take care.


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