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Besides our mission to provide excellent products, services, and solutions to the world market, we continue to make a difference for the greater good through our charity unit CellMark Cares. Every year, CellMark contributes a total of $350 000 to different charity organizations all over the world. Giving back to the community is and will always be utterly important for us.

Through this commitment, we are not only able to help others – we are also able to give our people the opportunity for a meaningful engagement. The organizations we donate to each year are all based on recommendations from our employees. It is amazing to see the engagement among our people when it comes to these recommendations. No doubt that the CellMark people care and actively want to participate in our charity actions.

Below, you find a summary of the organizations that we have donated to so far in 2023, and in what way our grants helped the organizations to make a difference for others.

❤️️ South Valley Services

Funding from CellMark Cares will be used for South Valley Services to continue empowering individuals and the community in preventing and protecting victims of domestic violence through advocacy, case management, healthy relationship classes, safety planning, therapy, children’s services, childcare, emergency funds, financial literacy classes, credit repair, and access to healthcare and employment opportunities. ​​​​​​​
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❤️️ Ahbap Association

Funding from CellMark Cares will help Ahbap provide much-needed aid to those affected by the earthquake by providing shelter, food, and medical supplies to those in need. The contribution makes a real difference in the lives of those affected by this disaster.

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❤️️ Médecins sans Frontières

Funding from CellMark Cares will be used for the most urgent and prioritized issues of the moment, including:

  • Violence in Sudan: Increasing efforts to support the healthcare system and get important materials into the country, where intense fighting between the Sudanese Armed Forces (SAF) and the Rapid Support Forces (RSF) are indiscriminately attacking civilians.
  • Gang Violence in Haiti: Bringing access to clean water and healthcare while a violent war rages between different armed groups; the result of poverty, political turmoil, and natural disasters.
  • Syria After the Earthquake: Providing medical staff and supplies to a country that was already at a breaking point after 12 years of war. With 60 percent of buildings destroyed and hospitals sharing staff, Doctors Without Borders is essential.

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❤️️ Cambodian Rural Development Team (CRDT)

The Cambodian Rural Development team is improving sustainable livelihoods and reducing the human pressures on the Prey Lang Evergreen Forest and ecosystems through supporting community groups that create sustainable agricultural practices. CellMark Cares funding will help to improve people’s livelihoods by building the capacity of 3 existing Agriculture Cooperatives (ACs). This provides sustainable livelihood options to improve the standard of living and offset natural resource degradation for 11 villages and 3 communities of the Sambour district, Kratie province, located in the highly biodiverse Prey Lang Evergreen Forest, along the Mekong River. Together we are making lasting changes for these Cambodian communities while conserving and protecting the biodiversity of this region.
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❤️️ Razom

Funding from CellMark Cares will be used to provide psychological services to help children and orphans of Ukraine, especially those touched by the trauma of war. Razom partners with a number of organizations to provide these services in different areas of Ukraine. One of Ranzom’s partners, VAAD of Ukraine (Association of Jewish Organization and Communities) conducts three-week-long camps for mothers and children in the Carpathian Mountains with the program developed and supported by psychologists on their staff. They are also working with a number of nonprofits in Kharkiv that open and run children’s centers in that region where the situation is especially dire and schools are closed for the children’s safety.

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❤️️ Stichting Ushersyndroom

Funding from CellMark Cares will help Stichting Ushersyndroom promote research to find treatment options for every form of Usher Syndrome, a better understanding of the biology and pathology of her syndrome, either involving the complete Usher syndrome, Retinitis Pigmentosa or hearing loss, as well as improved diagnostics and research to make a positive impact on the lives of those with Usher Syndrome.

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