A NEW DAY WITH Marijana Matejin

POSITION Business Development Manager, Basic Chemicals


BACK TO Belgrade

– After graduating Economics at Belgrade University, I worked for two production companies before I joined CellMark. I spend more than 13 years in the Serbian company, which was an important European Methanol and Acetic acid producer. During that time, I got a wonderful opportunity to meat Ventzi Andreev, a niceexperienced person and trustable business partner. We did a lot of Acetic acid business together and I was happy with the idea to join a global and open company like CellMark

Coming from the relatively small Balkan country and state-owned production plant, it was inspiring to enter something new and different. The business of distribution and trading is giving me a lot of challenges and new business areas for constant improvement.

Having friendly colleagues from different part of the globe dedicated to work and specialized in assorted products and services, is giving me a possibility for expanding horizons, understanding differences of various economics of the world and learning how to bring more flexibility for achieving better results.  

Most people don’t know that I am working from my home office surrounded with a nice garden and different kind of parrots originating from different part of the world. I am big lover of nature and animals, so this atmosphere especially during the spring and summer time gives me a piece of paradise and helps me to reset myself. 

My family is giving me energy and inspiration in life with their different characters. I am happy spouse and mother of two nice children. If you feel loved, supported and happy than there are no limitsyour mind is free and open for new challenges.