A NEW DAY WITH Charlotte Rodriguez

POSITION Back office sales, Pulp Division


BACK TO Geneva

What makes my daily work interesting is that there is no ”normal day”. Every day is different as my purpose is to do personal service, trying my best to satisfy customers and suppliers. I have to adapt my work to the needs of each day.

For example, I can work for biomass in the morning, switch to letter of credit for North Africa, go to the post office after lunch, then check some container arrivals and order coffee for the office in the afternoon. And of course have some moments of fun with my colleagues in between.

We are a small team organizing daily tasks from A to Z. Most of us have been working together for 10 years and know each other very well. I would say that our team is defined by its moral values and sense of reality. These things bring about a personal and professional respect which give me comfort and courage. I am never alone facing a difficult case. Any of us can submit a problem to the team and we find a solution together, exchanging different ideas and points of view. I find it very energizing.

I feel absolutely free to ask any questions without judgement. This creates an environment where you’re never afraid to bring up a new idea, really favoring creativity. I feel that CellMark allows me to be myself in a continuous learning experience. I regard some of the work I do to be ”custom made”, letting me add my own personality to what I do, and creating added value benefitting our customers and suppliers.

The pursuit of solutions is what keeps me motivated. Taking in the surroundings and adapting to unknown situations, listening and accepting to learn from anyone. It’s important for me to stay curious and alert. I can do that by allowing myself to say ”sorry, I do not understand, please explain,” and learn from the team I work with. Even after 10 years working for CellMark I still have much to learn. To me it is a part of personal growth.