A NEW DAY WITH Charlotte Bratt

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BACK TO Gothenburg

– I lived in France for a while, and upon returning to my home country Sweden I felt I wanted to work for an international company. I got a job at trade house Elof Hansson in Gothenburg where I stayed for several years. Then my husband was hired by a company in the Netherlands and we moved there with our family, to the city of Breda.

A couple of years later I returned to Sweden again to study, and a year after that I was back in the world of trade houses – but this time at CellMark. I had heard some great things about CellMark and the company was definitely more modern than Elof Hansson.

Joining the CellMark family meant immersing myself in a world of creativity, problem solving and of course the company’s vision to always surpass expectations. To me, ”Surpassing expectations” is all about courage. It’s about challenging yourself and going outside of your comfort zone. Doing that often helps you grow as a person. I find it very rewarding.

Working at CellMark gives me opportunities to meet a lot of people, both in Sweden and other countries, which is always inspiring and gives me lots of new ideas. I enjoy a high pace with lots of things happening. I feel like it gives me a better flow.

Outside of work I recharge my batteries by going jogging in the woodlands, or going boating in the beautiful Bohuslän archipelago. Super relaxing and probably the best remedy when you’re feeling stressed! However, spending time with family and friends is the most important to me.

I would recommend anyone a visit to Gothenburg. The city is not too big, not too small, and the seafood is fantastic. There are a lot of great restaurants in the area and the citizens are known for their sense of humor and relaxed attitude. If you are ever in Gothenburg and get the chance, you should definitely make sure to visit the wonderful archipelago!