A NEW DAY WITH Klas Juréen

POSITION Medical Division


BACK TO Gothenburg

– CellMark was more or less my first real job: I actually started here as a janitor and messenger boy back in 1995. My contract was for 75 % so I didn’t work full time. Back then we had a ”Document department”, and a year and a half into my employment the manager of this Document department asked me to join them for 25 % to fill up my work time to 100 %. I found this very interesting and a couple of months later CellMark had to find a new Janitor!

Later on our Document and Shipment departments become LMS (Logistic and Marketing Support) which was a team lead by Peter Norrman to support all of CellMark’s divisions. I worked on that team until 2007 when CellMark re-organized and split the group to smaller support teams to be integrated into the actual divisions. Then I joined the Paper division as team-leader for the sales support team.

With time and growth Paper had salesmen and support teams in Spain, France and the UK. The Paper teams in Asia were also under my manager’s area of responsibility. So I supported all these teams for operational issues. And this is what inspires me in work: helping my colleagues with setups, smarter ways, solving problems and doing what is necessary to work more efficient going forward.

In the summer of 2016 CellMark launched its Medical division and needed someone to look into the operational setup. They needed someone with experience of CellMark, someone with knowledge of our ways of working and our routines. So I applied for the job and here I am!  Working at Medical gives me a lot of motivation, to combine my past experiences with a new way of doing business, like platforms, lease-to-buy models, subscription services etc. I hope that some of these ways of doing business will also help other businesses within CellMark.

Outside of work I love spending time with my family. I have a lovely wife, a son of fifteen and a daughter of thirteen. We go on vacations together, skiing in the winter and staying by the sea in the summer. I also enjoy watching my kids play football. I’ve been coaching my son’s team for eight years now and it’s amazing to follow both my son’s development as well as the team’s.