A NEW DAY WITH Tuğba Doğan

POSITION Basic Chemicals / Rubber Department


BACK TO Istanbul

– After graduating university with a degree in Chemical Engineering I spent three years working as a sales engineer at different companies. Then one day I ran into Ersin Alkan (Division President of Basic Chemicals) and he mentioned CellMark’s new project with rubber chemicals, especially for carbon black. Hearing about it made me very excited and without losing any time I decided to join CellMark. That is one of the best choices I’ve ever made.

CellMark is a company where everyone is an entrepreneur. Every member of the company is encouraged to bring new ideas to the table, and change is always welcome. Gaining the trust of our customers and suppliers – and maintaining our reliability – is very important to CellMark. Meeting set targets within deadlines really motivates me and gives me a sense of accomplishment. It gives me energy to keep going.

Believing that something can happen is the first step to making it happen. I use mediation to realize my dreams and connect to my inner voice. Concentrating on my breathing only, it helps me to control my thoughts and contemplate my desires. Additionally, my daily meditations give me the opportunity to reset myself each evening and find the necessary energy removing all the struggles for the next day.

Another thing to keep the creativity flowing is putting your own touch on the work space. As long as it is okay for all colleagues, I believe that making your work environment more fun and homey can make a big difference. I have a small garden near my desk. White, yellow and purple orchid flowers are the queens of my garden, and there is also some special kind of cactus – violets. Spraying water on their leaves and touching their potting soil is really relaxing and helps me clear my head.

We have a cat in our office named Corsy. During one morning traffic jam, I found her on the road, terrified and cold. She was 1,5 month old and I took her to our office that morning. While I was looking for a warm home for her, my colleagues made a democratic vote and wanted to care for her in our office, which made me very happy. Now she is our mascot!