A NEW DAY WITH Catalina Mantilla

POSITION Customer Service, Packaging division



– My first role at CellMark was as a receptionist when I was 21 years old. During this time, I was working on my Associate degree in Accounting and after I completed this I started working in the accounting department. After a few years, I completed my Bachelor's degree in Economics and Marketing and then new doors opened for me. I started a new role as a customer service representative for the Paper division for the Latin American countries, handling carbonless paper. At the present moment, I am still doing customer service.

What I like about CellMark is that we are an international company with offices all around the world. That makes the company very diverse in culture, which I appreciate. This also opens several doors for the employees to enter new markets and to meet new people to learn from, both inside the organization and outside.

Miami, my hometown, is a beautiful place to live and work in. This is why it is called The Sunshine State. The weather is always good and the people are always very festive and happy. This provides me with a better quality of life.

The city is also multicultural and you meet people from different backgrounds and cultures. You can always find delicious plates from several countries in Latin America. This kind of environment adds to my overall knowledge and life experience.

I love to meet new people and socialize every time I can. My family and my friends are very important parts of my life. They give me the energy and inspiration that I need, both at work and in my everyday life. Outside of work, I am also committed to different non-profit organizations helping children who are in trouble. Teaching them new skills to improve their situation inspires me and gives me a higher meaning of life.