A NEW DAY WITH James Dunne

POSITION Pulp & Paper



– My current focus, and favorite role to date, is sourcing North American publication papers for sale into the Latin American, European, Australian and Asian markets. This role has given me a unique and global perspective which I then impart to both our regional managers, our local managers and our manufacturing partners.

Challenge is what keeps me motivated. I especially love developing and expanding in new markets, learning and dealing with different cultures and personalities, or simply holding our ground in contracting markets. The challenge to find the right angle that will lead to success and long term business drives me to try harder.

As a child I travelled quite a bit and had the opportunity to live in Libya, Turkey, Italy and Spain; spending my formative years growing up by lake Garda in northern Italy and attending International schools.  Eventually I returned to the U.S. to attend university. After graduating I ended up in Philadelphia where I found a job working as an export manager for a job lot paper company.

One of my largest customers back then was a company called Pacfor. We developed an excellent relationship and after some twelve months I was asked to join the now newly named CellMark Paper Latin America. Still today my answer remains on my top 5 list of life’s mistakes; I declined the offer.

Luckily the guys at CellMark did not give up and six months later extended a second opportunity. This time I did not hesitate and in March of 1997 I joined CellMark and have never once looked back.

I believe CellMark can lead the way for other companies in more ways than just business. When I look at our sponsorship of the PaperSeed Foundation, it is a clear example of how a global corporate entity can give back to the communities in which it transacts.

I have watched PaperSeed grow from a simple idea to what it has become today. What impresses me most is not that CellMark takes a major interest in funding the foundation, but that its employees take an active role in promoting the expansion to as many countries as possible. CellMark is giving back to the community and that is an extremely important example for all companies to follow.