A NEW DAY WITH Liz Rainone

POSITION Paper Division, Accounting Department


BACK TO New York

Before joining CellMark I was an at-home mom raising triplets. When they started kindergarten I started working here part-time, and have been here since. My kids are all in college now but when they still lived at home I would say my real job started when I got off work!

A lot of us here at the Norwalk office have worked together for many, many years. We all contribute to making this a fun workplace, like our Ugly Sweater contest, our cookie exchange and our bowling parties. We’ve just started a Biggest Loser weight loss competition, working as a team to get healthy and encourage each other with a bit of friendly competition thrown into the mix.

The team I work with is awesome. My boss, Dominick, may be very busy most of the time, but his door is always open for us. My colleague Silvia and I are always there to back each other up if either of us need to take vacation or just a day off. She is always there to answer any questions I have. The other people in the accounting department are just as helpful. They are a great group of people and I am very lucky to work with them.

Besides my duties in the accounting department I also participate in the PaperSeed Foundation, a non-profit organization that CellMark supports in many ways. My involvement in the PaperSeed foundation is to help organizations in our local area, for example doing Back to School drives for the Open Door Shelter where we provide clothes, supplies, backpacks and other necessities.

Working with the PaperSeed foundation we have also helped with Christmas at the Malta House for the children and their moms. We get their wish list for the children and moms and get as many items as possible to make their holiday memorable. We’ve done a golf event to raise money for Project Music. It is a local organization that supplies free musical instruments and free music lessons to children in need. All the work I put in is so worth it when you see the look on all the kids faces. It truly is priceless!