A NEW DAY WITH Jennifer Sun

POSITION Basic Chemical division


BACK TO Qingdao

– My major is international business, so after university I worked in a chemical import and export company for five years. I got the chance to learn the business from the ground, including documentation, whole procedures of import and export, accounting and financing and international trading.

In 2008, I joined BCS Company as sourcing manager in the China team. In 2012, Ersin Alkan (current president of CellMark Basic Chemical division, ed’s note) established CellMark Basic Chemicals with nine colleagues from BCS Company. So, I joined Ersins’s team and officially started my career in CellMark in April 2013.

Basic Chemical division provides sourcing and trading for a selected range of basic chemical products, such as acetic acid, acetyls, caustic soda, fertilizer, phosphoric acid, chlorinated solvents, and lignosulfonates. I love what I do, so am always having fun at work whether it is dealing with the daily work or travelling, immersing myself in different cultures, and meeting different people. Besides that, I also enjoy greatly the moment when I’m able to solve a difficult task, like turning impossible into possible!

In work, the feeling of accomplishment when overcoming challenges keeps me motivated to find solutions to improve. And also, the trust from our managing team, knowing that the company will support your ideas inspires me to open my mind to be creative with new opportunities and to identify it, to try harder to achieve it!

In life, my daughter keeps me motivated to try a little harder. I think kids are here to teach you to grow, to be a better human. Since I believe that children learn by example, I want to become a super model for my daughter. All the time I keep asking myself the same question: how can I improve myself and how can I do better?