A Word from the President

2021 has passed, leaving a feeling of gratitude, humbleness, and hope. After almost two years of unprecedented worldwide pandemic, restrictions, and social distancing, we could slowly begin to return to some kind of “new normal”. Extremely carefully we started traveling again, cautiously having in-person meetings, and welcoming our people back into the offices in most of our locations.

Finally – we can look forward to being together again.

But by no means, are we back to where we once were. These years of pandemic have given us many learnings and insights that we now bring with us into the future.

We are more flexible.
We know hybrid work works.
We know traveling is not always essential for all our business.
We know we can operate also in times of chaos, and we have confirmed that we are the flexible and agile problemsolvers we always strive to be.

But foremost – we know we are capable of fulfilling our vision, SurpassingExpectations, even under extreme circumstances. My trust in our people is now stronger than ever and I am impressed, pleased, and proud of the way the CellMark team performed through this challenging situation, working with our suppliers and customers to do our part to keep supply chains moving in a most challenging situation.

Our strategy for the year was to focus on growing our core business and concentrating on our six operating divisions. Needless to say, many companies have suffered due to the pandemic, experiencing challenges with achieving profitable growth.

Luckily, this was not the case for CellMark. It was apparent that our business model worked well in this new and rapidly changing world, and with our agile position in the supply chain we were able to create even more value for our customers and suppliers. The need for our services is growing and CellMark is determined to continue meeting those demands.

Financially, the CellMark Group delivered a very satisfactory result for 2021. All six divisions contributed to this success, led by outstanding results from our Recycling, Basic Materials, and Pulp businesses.

During the year, we continued to invest in our people and their business-related knowledge and competencies. We continued to use our e-learning platform. We also used an external IT education firm providing us with interactive training in cyber security awareness – a very important
investment these days.

As the global company we are, taking our wider responsibilities is extremely important and something we strive for in all our operations. Environmental,
Social, and Governance (ESG) matters were important for us during 2021 and will continue to be going forward. Living and working with ESG helps us
to conduct our services and business activities with a high degree of ethics and an awareness of our impact on sustainability.

Closing this review, we are as always grateful to our customers, suppliers, and partners for their continued support that makes it possible for us to achieve our goals. And our people, the CellMark team. With tireless energy, integrity, trust, transparency, and accountability they have
continued to deliver on our vision: to Surpass Expectations.

2022 – here we come!

Christer Simrén,
President & CEO