About CellMark

At CellMark, we commit to improve every day, in every action we take. We call this “Surpassing Expectations.” By continuously asking how we can surpass expectations, we invite constructive discussion about how we can best support our business partners. As a result, we learn how we can broaden our service offerings and become more innovative. We simply understand our partners’ business more deeply and can better secure our common success.

What we do

CellMark brings a broad range of products, services and solutions to the world market. We focus our capabilities in these key areas: Chemicals, Metals, Pulp, Paper, Packaging, Recycling, EnergyBasic Chemicals and Medical.

Our sales, marketing, logistics and financial services professionals provide valuable solutions to partners around the world. CellMark identifies the proper products and ensures worry-free delivery and financing. We bring order amidst market volatility and mitigate risk. Our professionals’ deep experience enables us to develop services that reinforce effectiveness and help our partners improve their performance.

How we do it

CellMark recognizes its responsibility to perform its services exceptionally and with unmatched effort and performance. Therefore, we have defined several guiding principles, which align closely with our mission and vision and support our business concepts. We are motivated and competent people, providing specialized marketing and transaction-related services, and focused on the needs of our business partners.

About Surpassing Expectations

Our Organization

CellMark was founded in 1984 in Sweden, as a supply chain service provider and distributor of raw material for the global pulp and paper industry. In 30 years, the company has grown exponentially to reach an annual trade volume exceeding 5 million tons and annual sales of USD $3 billion.

Recently, CellMark extended its traditional services portfolio for the global paper industry to other industry areas. Today, CellMark features following divisions & business units: CellMark Chemicals, CellMark Metals, CellMark Packaging, CellMark Paper, CellMark Pulp, CellMark Recycling, CellMark Basic Chemicals and CellMark Energy.

CellMark is truly global, with a network of 65 offices in 30 countries and a large number of representatives in other locations. Our sourcing activities extend to about 80 countries, with sales in more than 120 markets. The company is privately held and owned by its employees. The entire group has about 700 employees.

Our Relationships

CellMark has established its position through long-term relationships and consistent performance. Our global network arms our various professionals with an in-depth understanding of even small changes in the market’s culture and mechanics. It also facilitates superior, day-to-day interaction with clients. This structure helps us continuously guide and service customers.

As we are constantly reminded, environments shift quickly and without warning. We need to be agile and flexible, without losing sight of the principles and fundamentals on which CellMark was built. Our goal is to remain as we are—continuously changing.

Fortunately, we do not work alone. Our partners’ confidence in our professionalism has been the backbone of our development. We value our relationships highly, and continuously strive to earn and maintain the industry’s confidence and respect. We aim to be the industry’s obvious choice for sales, marketing, logistics and financial services.

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