A Word from our President

We leave 2016 to the past with great learning experiences. I am amazed by the diversity, entrepreneurship and skillsets that our colleagues and partners around the globe demonstrate.

This entrepreneurial spirit and jointly accumulated knowledge creates a sense of direction and also a reassurance that we will continuously be able to support our partners to succeed across borders, using our business platform.

During the year, we battled through some financial burdens from the past and again had a number of lingering cases, for which we have now made proper reserves, facing a more predictable 2017. This is mirrored in our result landing at 10.5 MUSD profit after financial items. However, seeing that our operations generated a healthy robust result and with processes aligned for further growth, we have reasons to be cautiously optimistic.

Being as diverse as we are, with expert knowledge and capabilities now spanning eight business areas, it is worth mentioning that our core proposal is to be a leader in making international trade happen and a fast moving entrepreneur partner for international expansion, something we refer to as being a global meeting place for entrepreneurs.

By further strengthening our offerings with internal and external synergies, we build strong and agile teams to align towards a common goal, living our vision to surpass expectations for our stakeholders around the globe. It is a high aspiration promise, but a promise – to everyday do our best to meet and surpass the expectations that are put on us.

During 2016 we launched a new Division, CellMark Medical, a global trading hub for medical devices. One may think this is not part of who we are but the beauty of a truly international platform is that new products and services can be added, expanded and rolled out in a very efficient way. A concept we intend to keep refining to the service of those that are local and want to go global into the markets they normally do not service. It also mirrors the core concepts of our existence. The great interest in this new offering of CellMark Medical has surpassed our own expectations!

Internally we have launched a number of projects spanning from synergized global logistics with several promising initiatives to make it easier to business with us. Further, we have a number of digitalization and automation projects to be rolled out going forward and the organizational steps to ensure this was implemented during the year. We are designing our platform for further growth.

In addition, we are working hard to create as much predictability as we can financially in a very unpredictable global macroeconomic surrounding.

Building on our cultural heritage of global trade and entrepreneurship, we see that through our Guiding Principles CellMark can work more aligned and towards common goals in a more efficient way as we empower each other to be creative and decisive. We demonstrated our principle, that we care, not only by focusing in our daily business but also by continuous support to the Non-profit foundation PaperSeed that assists and touches the lives of over 75,000 children around the globe.

As the CEO I am proud over the achievements in 2016, wishing to thank all employees and stakeholders that enable us to render services globally. I am also energized over the fact that the world is full of opportunities and we are eager to catch those as we move into the future!

– Sincerely,
Fredrik Anderson

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