CellMark encourages to speak up and bring concerns to light so that problems can be resolved before any harm occurs, for us as a company, for partners, or for other parties.

CellMark’s Management stresses that employees are not only encouraged but required to report any violations or suspected integrity violations. We kindly ask also partners and other parties to report.

CellMark will address any complaints of interference, reprisal, retaliation, threats, coercion or intimidation against employees or others who report, or disclose possible improper or illegal activities. CellMark will protect those who come forward to report such activities.

How do I report?

We are using an independent and external well known service from Expolink who guarantee the integrity of the reporter. Please go to https://wrs.expolink.co.uk/cellmark for further directions on how to report.

Thomas Hedberg
Chairman of the Board of Directors

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