CellMark Packaging at India Folding Carton Expo

CellMark Packaging Team is participating at India Folding Carton Expo September 14-16 in New Dehli to learn about demands, trends and meeting entrepreneurs & new collaborations. Co-located with India CorrExpo – a corrugated packaging trade fair, the event attracts trade professionals also from the corrugated industry. Contact packaging@cellmark.com to book a meeting or stop by out booth No D13 for a chat.




About India Folding Carton Expo from their website:

“This is India’s premier business event and conference for post-print manufacturing equipment and consumables from the folding carton industry. The show offers a powerful and knowledge networking base for each industry player who wants to deal with the optimization of processes and the creation of solutions for the folding carton industry.” 



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Nominated for the Publishing Prize

CellMark’s Annual Report has been nominated for The Publishing Prize, an annual juried contest for films, websites, newspapers, magazines, books and other printed matter in English, Norwegian or Swedish. We have particiated before and been nominated 3 times, winner 2 times as well as been rewarded with an extraordinary prize for the design and visual content.

In 1984, when CellMark was founded, the company was marketed as “The New Alternative”. The ambition was that the company would represent something entirely innovative as a marketing organization for the industry. The presentation of our financial result was also to be marked by new ideas. Having the work of various artists decorate the otherwise mundane financial and test material was consistent with CellMark’s innovative way of thinking and enabling representatives from entirely different fields of creativity to introduce their art forms.

Over the years, we have collaborated with the art director Andrew Cowie, who has been our loyal companion and guide on this exploration tour. Andrew has, and are still, challenging us with ideas and we are greatly impressed by his versatility and design creativity. This year, we believe that Andrew has done something really extraordinary – we are featuring a very characteristic French entrepreneur in art, named Jean-Claude Floch.

Floc’h has created numerous books, comic books and commercial illustrations in the typical style ligne Claire. In fact, we found this artist so very special and interesting so we decided to meet him in person to find out more about him. We are happy to share the memorable moments we had visiting Floc’h and invite you to read the story.


About the Publizing Prize, from their website…

“The Publishing Prize, which is independent of industry organizations, is a comprehensive communication contest. It embraces most established forms of communication. The PP is in three categories: Print, Website and Film.

The jury consists of active communicators such as photographers, graphic designers, film producers, journalists and editors. They examine, evaluate and compare the entries, which are judged using a number of criteria. The judging criteria and the jury’s ranking points are public.

Competitors (and winners) in The Publishing Prize have encompassed both large and small players in the industry. Entries include in-house productions on limited budgets as well as those from established creative agencies and publishers.

Winners of The Publishing Prize 2017 will be made public at the prize ceremony in Stockholm on October 23rd. Each winner receives the jury’s citation, a statuette and a certificate. All nominees will receive a certificate, and a booklet which shows how the jury has scored the nominated entries. The winners will be announced in international and national press releases, in Publishing Prize News and on the website.”

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Technology for Turning Residues into New Useful Products

CellMark’s Technology team will be at the Drinctec exhibit to present to brewers a revolutionary drying technology for organic materials and residuals together with Multivector, the Norwegian company behind this technology. The team provides technical solutions to global corporations as well as small local businesses with a high focus on sustainability, time and energy efficiency. The Multivector technology free up and improve capabilities, reduces volume, lower transportation cost and simplifies handling of waste.




In fact, it turns waste into a useful transportable commodity while making your core business more cost efficient. And if that’s not enough, this technology is applicable for almost all areas of biomass processing, not only for brewers.


The Multivector can be designed for both industrial and small scale mixing and drying processes, as needed. The technology is based on mechanical fluidization where rotors with patented shovels secure a good mix and that a huge amount of surface area is exposed for drying. Superheated steam, generated from the moist of the input, is used in the drying process.


A continuous process instead of batch process.


Come and meet us, at the Drinktec 2017 exhibition in
Munich Sep 11-15, to experience our solutions in turning
Brewer’s grain into consumable food and animal feed.
We will be at hall B2 stand 150 and are looking forward to meet you!


Contact our Technology team to set up a meeting:

Jonathan Östergren-Booj at +46 705804595
Martin Skoger at +46 705451591



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Partnership with Richard Wolf, Pioneers in Endoscopy

CellMark Medical is pleased to announce a new partnership with Richard Wolf GmbH. With effective from 1 September 2017, CellMark Medical will be the authorized distributor for Richard Wolf in the territory of Hong Kong and Macau.

Richard Wolf is an internationally renowned manufacturer that offers a wide range of products and systems for endoscopy and extracorporeal shock wave treatment. These instruments are supplied to virtually all specialist disciplines in human medicine.

CellMark’s global resource network and trading platform provide a unique hub for advanced medical technology, with offices in 30 countries where Hong Kong is the CellMark Medial Headquarters in the APAC region.

The new partnership is surely an important step for CellMark and our ultimate goal is to fulfill customers’ clinical needs by bringing the latest endoscopy products to every specialty.

For any inquiries, please do not hesitate to call
CellMark Medical hotline +852 28821208.



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Cloud Technology Help us Provide Personalized Health Care Services

Today we accounce that CellMark partners with Health Invest Finland, a Finnish startup company focusing on smart device technology to improve health care. CellMark’s expertise in medical device distribution, logistics and sales support will enable My+Care™ to gain traction with healthcare facilities around the world. The partnership will cover Asia, Europe, Africa, N America, S America and the Middle East.

Health Invest has developed an innovative health 24/7 service solution in the form of a wristband, My+Care™. The band makes health care mobile and makes it easier to predict and anticipate patients’ needs. It registers a condition or behavior instantly. For instance, if we move or fall the data is analyzed in an app in real time, and help can be sent instantaneously.


We are heading in a direction where there are more people in need of care than there are resources. The My+Care™ technology is developed to be used in the health care sector, for public as well as private establishments. Both patients and providers benefit from this new cloud-based technology which will make health care happen promptly and secure personalized care. Consequently it may save or even extend human lives. With this kind of cloud based technology solutions, we can envision a future of health care that provides us with dignity, security and a valuable way of life while keeping the sense of independency and privacy.

There’s also potential for use of this technology in other areas beyond the health sector which makes it even more interesting.

“I’m very excited to see how our extensive partnership with Health Invest Finland is evolving. Based on mutual trust and transparency, Health Invest Finland and CellMark have created a business concept to secure supply of the My+Carehardware and a structure to provide service for customers worldwide. We believe that this agreement and future collaboration between our two companies is the way forward that will lead to sustainable business growth and improved patient outcomes in a world that is ageing fast ”, commented Niclas Möttus Olsson, President CellMark Medical.

Read Health Invest’s full announcement here. 





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Creating Space for Innovation is Vital

A couple of months ago Marcus Wahlberg, coordinating the Taskforce for business development at CellMark, had the great pleasure of discussing innovation with Peet van Biljon, Senior Advisor at Innovation 360 Group and former Global Innovation Practice Manager at McKinsey & Company, during a workshop on innovation that CellMark sponsored in Washington, D.C. As Peet points out, it’s important to strike a balance between focusing on today’s efficient operations and the strategic decisions and investments for tomorrow. It’s fascinating how we build efficiencies into our organizations, and the better we build, the more rigid we become.

However, innovation is rarely efficient, yet it’s vital for the very survival of a firm. Thus, creating a space for innovation is vital. It’s of course difficult,  but difficult is good, because few can handle it, and the rewards for the ones that can are great. Find our more ont he topic in this video.




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Top Management Engage for Higher Performing Organizations and a Better World

A truly successful firm is not only characterized by its ability to make money, be sustainable or engage its people, but by its ability to renew itself ahead of the competition. On June 29, top management team members from CellMark, Systembolaget, Apoteket and Bilprovningen engaged with the Center for Higher Ambition Leadership Europe to discuss tools and methods for transformation and change, and to discuss challenges based on findings and from projects on trust, engagement and performance in three of the partner companies.

Companies with higher ambitions beyond only making money attract resources and people, breed engagement and trust, and are more effective, entrepreneurial and profitable.

CHL Europe’s purpose is to help the leaders in such companies build higher performing organizations and a better world, by using and developing world leading knowledge and practice.

Most companies fail in their renewal efforts, often because they lack the necessary trust and engagement of their people. Tobias Fredberg, professor in Organization renewal at Chalmers University introduced a set of ideas of how these issues can be handled in organizations. Three of the partner companies had engaged with people from CHLE in a study on trust, engagement and performance in their respective organizations. A substantial part of the day was dedicated to discussing how to create a basis of positive change in a company –  trust from management, passion for the organization, and fulfillment of goals such as financial targets, innovation and quality.

After lunch Lena Larsson, CEO of BB-Gruppen, and previous CEO of Stampen Local Media, gave an appreciated and inspiring presentation about her reflections on methods for driving transformation.

In connection to Lena’s lecture, Flemming Norrgren (professor in project management) introduced The Strategic Fitness Process (SFP), a change architecture that allows organizations to combine speed and empowerment when managing transformations. Tobias Fredberg discussed a method for driving fast change in so-called “breakthrough projects” that have been researched by the CHLE team.

The SFP was created by two of the Center’s founders – Michael Beer and Russell Eisenstat. It has been used in hundreds of firms all over the world. It creates a framework that helps firms to clarify the few, real priorities that will move the system, align the leadership system around the direction, create engagement for change through a two-way communication process (Fish bowl) where truth can speak to power but also offers great opportunities for leadership teams and individual talent to develop their change leadership capabilities. Systembolaget which recently has done a SFP shared their experiences.


“It must be remembered that there is nothing more difficult to plan, more doubtful of success, nor more dangerous to manage, than the creation of a new system. For the initiator has the enmity of all who would profit by the preservation of the old institutions and merely lukewarm defenders in those who would gain by the new ones. (Macchiavelli 1513)”


The Partner Day became a rewarding meeting with exciting discussions and interesting reasoning. Focused on acting now and how, not when or if, showed that all the Partners, irrespective of line of Business made a great exchange of experiences.

CHLE Next steps will be meetings with each Transformation partner in August. CEO Summit in Zurich November 8-9. 2018 will begin with a CEO Summit in Boston January 5-6, followed by CHRO Summit in March and closing the Partner year with a TMT Meeting in June.

The participating partners were Systembolaget, CellMark, Apoteket and Bilprovningen.



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Our Partner Bioderm’s View on Innovation

CellMark sponsored and participated in the Swedish-American Chamber of Commerce’s workshop on innovation that took place at the House of Sweden, Washington DC earlier this year. We did this as we have high aspirations for the company and want to improve on our ability to innovate and generate the ideas that will make us stronger improving our business offerings going forward.

Now, why does a medical device manufacturer participate in a workshop about innovation together with CellMark?

Follow the interesting video discussion between our medical team and their partner Bioderm.  Learn how Bioderm drive innovation and how future collaboration can change the cost for care.


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Holmen Paper Sales in Spain and Portugal will be Managed by CellMark

From 1 October 2017 all Holmen Paper sales in Spain and Portugal will be managed by the organization of CellMark, see Holmen’s press release below published some days ago:

“As communicated in 2016, Holmen’s Madrid mill has been sold and will be converted for containerboard production. This conversion will be initialized in mid-September 2017, and the mill will from this point cease to produce newsprint. Consequently, Holmen Paper’s local sales office in Madrid will be closed during the fall, and CellMark will from 1 October be representing Holmen Paper and the paper products offered from the Swedish paper mills.

“With regards of the market prerequisites following the divestment of our Madrid mill, we believe that CellMark is well suited to take on and further develop our future solutions in the Spanish and Portuguese markets. Holmen Paper and CellMark also have a long history of cooperating together in other markets – an experience we now aim to utilize in the best way possible for our customers”, says Nils Ringborg, CEO Holmen Paper.

Holmen Paper and CellMark today have a partnership in several markets globally:

“I’m very excited to see how our extensive collaboration with Holmen Paper is evolving. Based on mutual trust and transparency, Holmen Paper and CellMark have created a business concept to secure supply and continued good service for customers in Spain and Portugal. We believe that this agreement and future collaboration between our two companies is the way forward that will lead to sustainable business growth in a changing paper industry”, commented Fredrik Anderson, CEO CellMark.

Together with CellMark we now look forward to continue to provide our unique, fresh-fibre paper products to the Spanish and Portuguese markets.”


Source: Holmen Paper Pressrelease




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AVACEN and CellMark Team up to Market Non Drug Treatment Globally

CellMark is please to announce our partnership with AVACEN for the international sale and marketing of the AVACEN-100, Class-II Medical Device globally. Our Medical Division’s sales team is very enthusiastic about the latest addition and see how well this non-drug treament fits into their marketing portfolio. Please refer to AVACEN’s news release for additional information.

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