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Anti-Greenwashing – What is that?

There is no doubt that almost all companies today want to be considered as “green”, “sustainable” and “environmentally friendly”. And that is, of course, something…
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Everyone can make an impact on children’s educational opportunities

If you are a dedicated follower of CellMark, you probably know that we love to highlight PaperSeed Foundation and their important work to strengthening educational opportunities for…
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Health, safety and business maintenance – our key focus in times of COVID-19

The COVID-19 pandemic has forced us all to live a life with a “new normal”. At CellMark, we still take the pandemic spread very seriously…
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Get to know our excellent CellMark Energy Asia team

In these times of pandemic when physical meetings should be avoided, we use video as an alternative way to introduce our company to new potential…
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The PaperSeed Foundation explains how the pandemic may negatively affect children’s education

In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, there’s likely to be a lot less money for education. This may be a severe problem for children,…
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green and yellow cover page of the cellmark financial summary 2020green and yellow cover page of the cellmark financial summary 2020

CellMark’s Financial Summary nominated for The Publishing Prize

We are honored that CellMark’s Financial Summary 2019 has been nominated for The Publishing Prize, an annual juried contest for films, websites, newspapers, magazines, books and…
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