Founded by PECHINEY in 1966, Regeal AFFIMET produces and markets primary and secondary aluminium alloys, sold as ingots to various industrial fields of activity such as automotive, aeronautics, army, railway, mechanical and urban furniture in the main European countries and abroad (Israël, Poland, United States, India, Sweden, Finland and others).

Subsidiary of the AUREA Group since 2009 (European leader in sustainable development), Regeal AFFIMET offers the widest product range of aluminium alloys of the French market.

In an international context, Regeal AFFIMET has continuously invested in the last few years to satisfy the sharpest technical requirements of most customers, with a top priority: maintaining our knowledge and constantly improving our performances at all levels of our processes.


The product portfolio of aluminium alloys of Affimet to the aluminium foundry is complete. All primary and secondary foundry alloys can be produced and marketed. Secondary alloys are produced from production and manufacturing waste, offcuts, rejects and other items scrapped at the end of their useful life. Typical alloys are AlSi9Cu3, AlSi12, AlSi12Cu and AlSi10Mg.

Primary alloys are made with very high grade metal from electrolysis and various additional elements to achieve the specifications of the customers. Any alloying modification, refine, filtration and degassing operations are possible in order to get the highest metallurgical properties possible. Affimet is known for its ultra-high quality range of Calypso® materials, but can supply all primary alloys like AlSi7Mg0.3 and 0.6, AlCu4MgTi, AlMg3, AlZn10Si8Mg, AlSi18CuNiMg, etc.

Detail of a pile

detail of a pile

Rotary tilt furnace

a rotary tilt furnance