Sappi Biotech Partners with CellMark to Increase Market Reach of Lignin Products

CellMark is please to announce an agreement with SAPPI for the representation of the Sappi Biotech Hansa Lignosulfonate product line in several areas of the world. The Lignosulfonate Team of CellMark Basic Chemicals Division will lead this important endeavour. Please refer to SAPPI’s news release for additional information.




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Young Entrepreneurs visiting our Global Meeting Place

For the first time ever, CellMark invited students to their head office for a business case evening end January, as a follow up on last year’s GADDEN career fair at the Gothenburg school of Economics, Business and Law.

It turned out to be a successful evening where the student got the opportunity to learn more about our global meeting place for entrepreneurs  and for CellMark people to connect to the next generation of business initiators.

We were impressed by the students’ interest in our company and their insight in the areas of marketing, logistics, trade and finance. CellMark highly value the good friendship and relationships that were created during the evening and look forward to doing this again. See the video clip from the evening.



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Green Innovation of the Paper Industry

At last year’s GADDEN Conference, one of the top career fairs for business, law, logistics and environmental science students in Northern Europe, CellMark connected with 140 young potential entrepreneurs who were fired up by our vision of sustainable manufacturing for the paper industry.

CellMark is working to become a global meeting place for entrepreneurs who strive to surpass expectations by introducing environmentally responsible global initiatives.

How that works in the real world is well represented by CellMark’s technology team. CellMark is supporting a pilot program on a massive scale to generate transportable renewable energy from a by- product of pulp production, together with RenFuel.




An Introduction to Lignol®

Lignol® began as concept to lay out a practical pathway to meet the Swedish government’s goal of going totally fossil-free by 2030. This change is not only good for the planet, it makes good financial sense.

The Swedish government estimated, based on new economic research, that a dedicated transition to a more resource-efficient society using renewable energy sources could create at least 100,000 new jobs in Sweden alone. One of most direct ways to get there is to replace petroleum-based manufacturing with biofuels to power up existing cars and trucks.

The power source in this revolutionary new technology arose from a highly unlikely substance: a waste product that is usually burnt away. Lignol® is manufactured from lignin, which is a byproduct of paper production inside wood pulp mills.

“We see RenFuel and our technology as a link between the forest industry and refineries for a quick transition to a fossil-free vehicle fleet. Our lignin oil, Lignol®, provides a major contribution in this conversion.”

Sven Loechen, CEO of RenFuel AB, explained, “We see RenFuel and our technology as a link between the forest industry and refineries for a quick transition to a fossil-free vehicle fleet. Our lignin oil, Lignol®, provides a major contribution in this conversion.” The technology behind Lignol® was developed based on the research of Professor Josef Samec and Sven Löchen.




How CellMark and RenFuel Fit Together

CellMark has developed relationships with global business partners and distributors in the paper industries. When it became clear that Lignol® could be valuable in creating renewable biofuels, CellMark built a test facility together with RenFuel. That facility has already taken the first steps toward industrialization, and is expected to substantially lower production costs below other similar technologies.

One of the reasons that entrepreneurs are so excited about this is that the entire paper and wood pulp industry may be ripe for disruption. The manufacturing of paper and wood pulp combined represents one of the world’s largest industries. Over 40 percent of the global wood trade goes to paper production. As the facilities required to create paper and wood pulp demand such large investments, the barriers to entry have remained incredibly high, inevitably leading to innovation inertia.

That’s coming to an end at last thanks to new technological developments like Lignol®. The paper industry has embraced this new approach to greater environmental responsibility and biofuels like Lignol® are gaining a great deal of buzz. Here’s an overview of how RenFuel turned an industry problem into a source of hope for the future.




The Problem of Black Liquor

Among the largest challenges faced by the paper and wood pulp industries have been dealing with “black liquor.” Black liquor is a dark, thick liquid waste that is left over from the process of turning wood pulp into paper. This process separates out substances such as lignin and hemicelluloses as it breaks down tough cellulose fibers.

The lignin oil or Lignol® can then be passed onto a conventional biofuel refinery, turning what was a waste that had to be disposed of carefully into a boundless source of renewable gasoline and diesel. Lignol® is completely green and is considered a viable source of biofuel under the Paris Agreements, which is meant to curb global carbon emissions and limit global warming to no more than 2 degrees Celsius above pre-industrial levels.

Another huge benefit from a practical standpoint is that Lignol® can replace petroleum in existing refineries. Petter Holland, CEO of Sweden’s largest fuel company Preem, said, “Preem welcomes this initiative by RenFuel and Nordic Paper. One of the big challenges of the adjustment into independence from fossil fuels in Sweden is the supply of sustainable raw materials. Byproducts from Swedish forestry, such as lignin, more than fulfill our requirements of the sustainability of the raw material. In addition, the demand of lignin can be met in great volumes. We look forward to receiving the first volume of Lignol® at our refineries and start producing the renewable gasoline and diesel of the future.”

Sven Löchen detailed how government agencies and private companies in the paper industry have come together to make this a reality. “We are very pleased to finally be able to put the product into large-scale testing as a result of the cooperation with Nordic Paper and the financial support from the Swedish Energy Agency.”



Other Possibilities for the Future

An exciting prospect of this new technology is that renewable energy is only the beginning. The process of separating out the components of black liquor offers a strong potential for generating valuable market goods such as carbon fiber, antioxidants and adhesives.

CellMark is committed to embracing challenges and surpassing expectations for a deeper impacts on global sustainability efforts. CellMark’s Energy division promotes the production, trade and proliferation of biomass-based alternative energy fuels and other waste-to-energy commodities for more intelligent sources of heat and power.




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Happy Chinese New Year

We wish all our friends and business partners a happy new year in the year of the roaster.

Hope that you will have an amazing holiday.

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Happy New Year

We hope that you have had an amazing holiday season. Now let’s kick off the start of the new year and let’s see what we can create together!

For instance you can help us help children around the world to get better possibilities for education. Just hit the link below and click on the heart and CellMark will make a contribution donating $1 USD to PaperSeed for every unique click.

Help CellMark Help PaperSeed

We look forward to another great year with you.

Your friends at CellMark



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Meeting the Next Generation of Entrepreneurs

During two days, Nov 2-3, the Gothenburg office unleashed some of their “super powers” at GADDEN, which is one of Northern Europe’s largest career fairs for business-, law-, logistics- and environmental science students. A big congratulations to the GADDEN committee and Gothenburg University’s School of Business, Economics and Law who really succeed to organize a top class arrangement where student could meet company representatives and start building relationships with potential future employers and vice versa.

For some of CellMark’s employees this was the first time they run a stand at this type of student fair and it was just as exciting for them as for the students. In the stand, the student could participate in a competition where they could win a lunch meeting with CellMark’s CEO. They could also sign up for a business case evening at our Gothenburg office, exchange experiences with our colleagues and learn more about the PaperSeed Foundation.



Thank you for your support to PaperSeed

Inspired by this year’s GADDEN theme “Unleash your Superpowers” we wanted to meet the events ambition to clarify its responsibility to improve the sustainability of the fair so instead of handing out giveaways to the students they picked up a $2-worth recyclable cardboard coin that they helped us put in a PaperSeed collection box. In connection with this event CellMark donated USD 1000 to PaperSeed.

When we now summarize our impressions we can see that it was a great success – we got 140 potential entrepreneurs interested in our company and the PaperSeed Foundation. Within the next couple of weeks, a few lucky student will get the opportunity to meet our CEO, Fredrik Anderson during a lunch and learn more about what is going on at CellMark. The planning of CellMark’s business case evening end January has already begun. This will be a great opportunity for student to learn more about our global meeting place and for CellMark people to connect to students and build valuable relationships. We are very excited to arrange this business case event and look forward to this evening.




It was great meeting you at GADDEN

Finally, we wish to thank all participant who we have met during the GADDEN career fair. We had a great time, meeting you and discussing your future career! Altogether it was an enriching way to get inspired by next generation of entrepreneurs and hopefully we manage to attract more talented people to our family of entrepreneurs.

Read more about CellMark’s engagement in the PaperSeed Foundation.

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Joining Center for Higher Ambition Leadership

CellMark has joined the Center for Higher Ambition Leadership (CHL). In short, CHL can be described as “the foundation for leaders who want to build a great company that delivers sustained economic and social value.” There are many values that CellMark’ share with CHL. It’s an institution driven by a sense of purpose and mission that goes beyond just making quarterly numbers. They aspire to build great and enduring institutions that deliver superior value to their people, their customers, their communities and their investors.

CellMark has a series of guiding principles/values which act as the bedrock for all of our operations. In addition to our commonly-shared values, we have a culture that is dedicated to surpassing expectations, we celebrate our success stories and learn from our experiences, we focus on training, and the promotion of innovation – our team is empowered to grow the company to its full potential. In partnership with CHL, CellMark see potential to leverage the power bar that can really make things happen – to create superior economic value for our all our stakeholders simultaneously.

“We are very enthusiastic about CellMark joining us as a partner. CellMark’s vision and strategy are wonderful examples of ambitions that go beyond any benchmark to break new ground.”

Tobias Fredberg, Professor in Technology Management at Chalmers University of Technology, Gothenburg and Executive Director of CHL in Europe says: “We are very enthusiastic about CellMark joining us as a partner. CellMark’s vision and strategy are wonderful examples of ambitions that go beyond any benchmark to break new ground. The center for higher ambition leadership is a community for companies and CEOs that aim to become role models in their fields by innovating in their business models and in their organizations to create higher value for more stakeholders. We look forward to joining CellMark on its very exciting journey ahead.”

CellMark’s President and CEO, Fredrik Anderson, develops further the reason behind this step: “To be able to surpass expectations CellMark believe firmly that networking, which is what we do and what is needed around the globe to serve our valued principals, is a great way of learning faster from others so that we can draw experiences from great companies and leaders. Proactive learning from others is essential to create progress and development. Higher ambition leadership is also completely aligned.

About Center for Higher ambitions Leadership:

The Center for Higher Ambition Leadership (CHL) is a non-profit institution dedicated to develop and support a growing global community of leaders who have higher ambitions for themselves and their institutions. Higher ambition leaders are driven by a sense of purpose that goes beyond just achieving financial success. They aspire to build enterprises that sustainably outperform in the marketplace by earning the respect, trust and commitment of their people, customers, communities and investors. CHL have three offices in Boston, Southern California and Europe. Follow CHL blog.

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Countdown of our Chicago Party has begun

CellMark is getting ready for its annual partner appreciation event in Chicago on October 20th. About 400 of our business partners, who also will be visiting Chicago for the annual Paper and Plastics Recycling Conference, have been invited to attend the party.

CellMark Recycling is a silver sponsor at the annual Paper and Plastics Recycling Conference, which is a meeting place for the recycling industry with a program focusing on commodity markets, demand trends and technology innovations and provides many networking opportunities, it attract the leaders who drive this industry.

The CellMark Chicago Party is also set up to benefit the PaperSeed Foundation and during the evening we will raise money for raffle prizes, auctions and donations. Together with the PaperSeed Foundation, the staff is getting ready and it is only the final sprint remaining now. Everyone is enthusiastic and looking very much forward to welcome all partners to come feel the love at Chicago’s Joy Disctrict!


 PaperSeed Foundation logotype.jpg

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Turning Trash into Treasure

CellMark is impresed by the great initiatve taken by PaperSeed Foundation to set up a Recycled Materials Art Competition with elementary school students in Marin County, California, USA earlier this year. Looking back at PaperSeed’s first Annual Recycled Materials Art Competition it was a huge success. The range of inspired projects was astounding, from twisting paper branches to surrealist portraits made of cardboard; robots made of old tin to colorful sculptures. And we understand the judges had an incredibly difficult time choosing winners.


The Recycled Materials Art Competition wrapped up on May 26th with an awards reception honoring the winning student artists and their teachers at CellMark’s office buidling in San Rafael.  All were impressed with the beautiful entries and level of skill exhibited by all participants. In this post we showcases some of the  amazing work created during the competition. To view the amazing work submitted by all 2016 participants, click here.

CellMark would like to thank PaperSeed for this great initiative. We also extend our thanks to Marin Sanitary Service and Mill Valley Disposal for their generous sponsorship of the 2016 competition.


Would you like to enjoy more of PaperSeed’s amazing work follow them on PaperSeed’s blog.

PaperSeed Foundation logotype.jpg

We hope you enjoy this amazing collection of recycled materials art, and look forward to the 2017 competition!






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With the right vision and attitude, great things can be achieved

In the August edition of CEO Magazine is an article about CellMark’s vision “Surpassing Expectations” and how the company is rolling out its guiding principles with guidelines on how to act in order to deliver on sustainable business growth.

“ With the right vision and attitude, great things can be achieved”, says CellMark’s President and CEO Fredrik Anderson.

And he continues: “Nowadays we have a great platform which covers everything from waste-to-energy, to spirulina algae, and food supplements. We operate as a global meeting place for local entrepreneurs who want to reach worldwide markets through our outsourcing services.”

Read the full article about our vision “Surpassing Expectations” and how it inspires the CellMark people and gives us the direction to where we are aiming.





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