Holmen Paper Sales in Spain and Portugal will be Managed by CellMark

From 1 October 2017 all Holmen Paper sales in Spain and Portugal will be managed by the organization of CellMark, see Holmen’s press release below published some days ago:

“As communicated in 2016, Holmen’s Madrid mill has been sold and will be converted for containerboard production. This conversion will be initialized in mid-September 2017, and the mill will from this point cease to produce newsprint. Consequently, Holmen Paper’s local sales office in Madrid will be closed during the fall, and CellMark will from 1 October be representing Holmen Paper and the paper products offered from the Swedish paper mills.

“With regards of the market prerequisites following the divestment of our Madrid mill, we believe that CellMark is well suited to take on and further develop our future solutions in the Spanish and Portuguese markets. Holmen Paper and CellMark also have a long history of cooperating together in other markets – an experience we now aim to utilize in the best way possible for our customers”, says Nils Ringborg, CEO Holmen Paper.

Holmen Paper and CellMark today have a partnership in several markets globally:

“I’m very excited to see how our extensive collaboration with Holmen Paper is evolving. Based on mutual trust and transparency, Holmen Paper and CellMark have created a business concept to secure supply and continued good service for customers in Spain and Portugal. We believe that this agreement and future collaboration between our two companies is the way forward that will lead to sustainable business growth in a changing paper industry”, commented Fredrik Anderson, CEO CellMark.

Together with CellMark we now look forward to continue to provide our unique, fresh-fibre paper products to the Spanish and Portuguese markets.”


Source: Holmen Paper Pressrelease




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CellMark Joins Two Sides North America

CellMark Paper has joined Two Sides North America, the non-profit organization that promotes and encourages the responsible production, use, and sustainability of print and paper. Two Sides has dozens of member organizations, including several Paper Division suppliers. Members can avail themselves of an enormous—and constantly growing—trove of information about forest products sustainability.

In addition, Two Sides has become skilled at pressuring companies and government entities to eliminate “greenwashing” language from billing statements, such as those urging customers to “Save a tree. Go Paperless.” High-profile companies such as Starbucks and Verizon (and many others) have dramatically altered messaging on envelopes after being contacted by Two Sides.


“Two Sides is very proud to welcome CellMark Paper, a leading global paper distributor, to our growing network of member companies. CellMark is an excellent ‘corporate citizen,’ and has active sustainability and social responsibility programs,” said Two Sides North America President Phil Reibel.

The Two Sides leader is clearly very willing to support members: In early May, he traveled from Northern New Brunswick to Orlando to deliver a presentation at a CellMark Paper team meeting. He also hung around for more than a day, interacting with his new members, and continuously participating in side discussions with Paper employees from all over the world. He asked those to send examples of greenwashing they receive in the mail, such as a credit card bill that says “Help the environment. Pay electronically.”

Reibel and his team then contact these organizations—through letters, phone calls, and/or social media—which often initiates significant changes in their customer communications. He said some companies, like Blackhawk Bank in Wisconsin, eagerly and graciously eliminate greenwashing. Others never acknowledge Two Sides, but make the changes just the same. Still others simply ignore Two Sides’ efforts to contact them.

As the organization grows, however, it gains momentum; ignoring Two Sides will not work for long. (In fact, by law in Canada, companies must at least respond to Two Sides letters.)

TwoSides_BannerAn excellent fit

Clearly, CellMark Paper can gain from its membership with Two Sides, which, incidentally, includes opportunities for participation on a variety of committees. As more people get involved, dispelling commonplace myths about the forest products industry becomes easier.

Mike McKee, an Executive VP with the Paper Division, said the partnership with Two Sides helps both organizations’ efforts to bolster paper markets while strengthening global forestlands. In addition, the Two Sides message about the social and environmental features of print and paper is a great fit with the PaperSeed Foundation.

Two Sides News Article


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Paper & Print fits well into the Multi-Platform

FIPP Asia Pacific were held on Sept. 27-28 in Singapore, an event that brings together expert speakers, delegates and exhibitors (Asia-Pacific and international) and offers the chance to engage in the exciting opportunities now opening up in the region. FIPP is a network for global media. The network represents content-rich companies or individuals involved in the creation, publishing or sharing of quality content.

Holmen Paper AB had a stand in the conference and invited CellMark Paper’s Diana Qiu to participate in the conference and presented CellMark to the audience. Diana reflects on the event: “Our presentation was short but unique, since all the other speakers were all talking about media, especially digital media, while we were talking about paper and print media. So, the natural question to ask oneself in this context would be: Were we odd to the audience? And the answer was: No! I saw great interest there. During the breaks, there were many participants visiting our stand and showed great interest in Paper.”




In early 2010s, the general saying among media strategists were to manage print for profit and digital for growth and many magazines went digital. The mobile shift made magazines begin to explore methods of distributing content other than print and apps and videos were created as the social media pages achieved many likes and the engagement grew.

Diana continues with a quote of a few sentence from an article she just read: “With the advent of the digital age, many magazines have been moving away from print capitalizing on the sharing power of social media platforms for success among a new generation of readers. But the truth is, people love print as much as the generations that preceeded them.”

Digital media may be even bigger in the future, but we see that paper and print is still popular today. Diana’s take away from FIPP Asia Pacific is that digital media will not kill print & paper. People have always discovered new ways for storytelling and adapt to what is the unique needs of their own business. Print on paper and digital play different roles in the way they interact with the reader. Companies now establish a multi-platform approach in order to reach and move their audience. Diana ends with:

“I believe paper have bright future and combined with other media, print will continue to attract and engage people.”


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Qingdao 10 years

On November 11, a team of CellMark Paper executives gathered in Qingdao, China to celebrate the office’s 10-year anniversary. CellMark Paper Divisional Head Joe Hoffman, along with a contingent from Gothenburg, made the trip to the Shangdong Province to congratulate their colleagues for a truly exceptional decade.

The evening started with a traditional Chinese good luck ceremony. It was followed by remarks from the executives, who expressed their heartfelt gratitude to the Qingdao employees for their unmatched commitment and performance. They offered a special thanks to Diana Qiu and Vanessa Zhang, the office’s first employees.

“The Qingdao location has been extremely successful, and grown dramatically in just 10 years,” Joe Hoffman said. “In addition to developing several anchor clients and establishing a strong footprint in this critical and growing region, the Qingdao team has really embraced CellMark’s commitment to sustainability and corporate social responsibility. We are looking forward to seeing our colleagues here build on their tremendous success in the next decade, and beyond.”

Hoffman also mentioned how impressed he was with the Qingdao team’s outstanding esprit de corps.

“It was heartwarming to see how happy and proud these people are to be part of the CellMark family. Moments like these make it very gratifying to work at CellMark Paper, and inspire us to help them continue to excel.”


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