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Technology & Innovative Business Solutions

Beyond CellMark’s full-service network of global trade capabilities, we have developed an expertise that have helped many business partners improve their products and processes. When you partner with CellMark you gain access to our technology team and their deep competence in technical solutions including the processing of biomass into bio-based products, closed loop waste management and much more.

We have become deeply involved in developing a groundbreaking process for producing bio-fuels and oil out of extracts from the wood pulp production process. Other bio-refinery examples are hemicellulose extraction, lignosulfonates and a revolutionary drying technology for organic materials and residuals.

With our vision “to surpass expectations”, driven by the entire team’s efforts to always ensure our business partners’ success, we can free up and improve capabilities as well as lowering costs by helping partners turning waste or residuals into useful transportable commodities.

The CellMark team doesn’t only introduces the technology and facilitate development and implementation of it, we also market 100% of the finished products. Many of these products comes from the pulp and paper industry which CellMark knows well. It’s a perfect fit with CellMark as it goes well into our portfolio of offering a range of products, services and supply solutions and the fact that we are seeking relationships for collaborative innovation.


Machinery for Pulp and Paper Production

Our Technolgoy team also provides second-hand equipment and advice to pulp and paper organizations. It promotes, sells and distributes equipment from reputable and well-maintained mills in Scandinavia and elsewhere in northern Europe to customers around the world.

Our specialist’s deep understanding of the needs of buyers and sellers of second-hand equipment, combined with CellMark’s global network, financial capabilities and strong relationships with the industry create a powerful offering – a service concept tailored to each of our partners’ individual needs.


– Ulf Sjödin
CellMark Technology



CellMark AB, Stockholm, Sweden
Phone: +46 8 10 55 00

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