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We look very much forward to the Swedish-American Chamber of Commerce’s workshop on “How to Succeed at Innovation” that will take place at the House of Sweden, ...

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Turning Problems into Profit

Almost all paper mills produce damaged or off-grade grade paper—product that does not meet quality standards. Instead of re-pulping, off-grade paper can be given a second chance. Hylte Converting provides this opportunity by rewinding and converting rejected paper, thereby turning problems into added value.

Of course, most mills are not equipped for these processes; they lack the equipment and expertise. Hylte Converting, however, solves these problems every day. 

Founded in 1996, Hylte Converting became a CellMark subsidiary in 2001. We are re-winding and converting experts. Our modern, state-of-the-art equipment can handle paper, foil, plastic and other materials. When combined with our professionals’ unmatched capabilities, we deliver a product of highest standard.

Hylte Converting is a flexible partner that expediently and competitively turns problem into profit, creating value for your company and the environment.

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