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Sales & Marketing

CellMark Medical delivers a broad range of products, devices and solutions to the international market. We offer a local approach to global business leveraging a trading infrastructure with expers across 120 markets. Simplifying the exporting process and minimizing associated risk allows medical device manufacturers to improve the transparency of their international sales operation. We bring order in less structured and emerging markets also. Our deep experience enables us to develop services that help our manufacturing and distriputing partners improve performance. CellMark offers producers and endusers all manner of sales and marketing services, timely and accurate market information, risk management, order tracking, invoicing and trade documentation. All of which contribute to a world-class supply chain service operation.

CellMark Medical offers a combination of specialized advisory services, working in harmony to ensure medical device companies have an in-depth understanding of local market requirements and can build organizational and business plans accordingly. Additionally, we manage marketing literature and packaging design, development and implementation in local markets.

These services are made possible by our talented and committed sales team featuring unmatched knowledge, experience and global presence.


Market Research

CellMark Medical performs comprehensive reviewsof international markets. We establish key economic & social drivers and analyze the competitive landscape. This work allows for value proposition development. The medical device manufacturer will understand the right target audiences, appropriate price points, and routes to market whether that be through a local distributor or direct to the hospital.

Business Strategy

CellMark Medical provides organizational reviews to ensure manufacturer and appointed local distributor is set up to capitalize on growth. We forecast export demand with our local distributors – including phased growth plans – and analyze production capacity of manufacturing partners to understand human capital requirements. Additionally, we provide IP protection strategy advice across the supply chain.

Regulatory Compliance and Support

The regulatory environment for the medical device industry in which our partners operate has changed significantly in recent years. To keep up with domestic and international changes, CellMark Medical has built a global team of Compliance specialists. These professionals ensure that our organization, the trademarks we represent, and the medical devices and products we supply, comply with the full spectrum of regulatory bodies globally.

Additionally, our Compliance specialists update customers on regulatory changes around the world. They also exercise Responsible Care Distribution with imports and exports where applicable, in accordance with the Customs Modernization Act and our NACD membership.

This valuable service helps our partners navigate the complexities of domestic and foreign markets. At the same time, we identify new business opportunities created by regulatory changes and reduce the possibility of noncompliance.


In-Country Regulatory Representation

CellMark Medical holds product registration locally, on behalf of the product owner – typically the device manufacturer. The licenses can be transferred back at any time to ensure manufacturer has full control of the future of their business. Thereafter, CellMark Medical provides on-going regulatory support in the local market including document and registration renewal. Our approach allows our supply partners to control their IPR from home and avoid a situation whereby they need to hand-over the rights to a local distributor or external entity in the applicable international market.

Device Registration

CellMark Medical coordinates both the product and trademark regulatory approval process in the local market on behalf of our manufacturing partners. We ensure the necessary documents are comprehensiveely vetted and delivered to the correct authorities in a timely manner, and quickly overcome any local obstacles.


Quality Compliance

CellMark Medical ensures that products and supply chain processes adhere to CellMark corporate quality system and local market requirements, respectively.


Legal Services

Medical manufacturers and local distributors trade with CellMark Medical under local legal frameworks. Furthermore, we provide on-going legal support in local markets.All legal services are advised by CellMark corporate counsel, offering a global perspective to local legal markets.

Financial Services

CellMark’s dedicated finance team creates innovative financial and risk management solutions from offices in Gothenburg, Geneva, Düsseldorf, Singapore, Shanghai, Tokyo, Hong Kong, Novato (California), Miami (Florida), South Norwalk and Shelton (Connecticut). Deep financial insight, an extensive global network and close relationships with banks and insurance institutions give CellMark the ideal platform from which to customize solutions for our customers and suppliers. Always ready to embrace new ideas and concepts, CellMark has helped importers and exporters the world over to stay competitive. This creative approach is a result of our commitment to deliver financial solutions that precisely match the needs of both buyer and seller. Indeed, we always strive to design our solutions around the buyer/seller’s trading cycle, thereby minimizing risks.

Our financial services include:

  • Short and medium term trade finance
  • Structured trade finance
  • Pre-export financing
  • Countertrade solutions
  • Project finance
  • Credit insurance facilities
  • Credit management
  • Cash management services

Customer Logistics Services

CellMark Medical’s logistics capabilities fulfill the needs of both the medical device manufacturers, the local distributor and the end users. We integrate our portfolio of logistics services in our supply-chain solutions. As such, we combine our partners’ extensive knowledge with our logisticians’ considerable expertise to ensure products reach the global market more efficiently than before. As a large mover of goods, CellMark has cultivated close relationships with major shipping lines, forwarding companies, terminals, haulers and insurance companies. These partnerships complement our deep product knowledge, resulting in high-quality transportation at competitive costs.

CellMark’s Logistics services include:

  • Container shipments – FCL / LCL Express Shipments
  • Specialized Shipments JIT
  • Climate Controlled Shipments
  • High Value Goods Shipments
  • Contract negotiations
  • Marine insurance
  • Inspection of goods
  • Vessel chartering
  • Warehousing
  • Due diligence
  • Claims handling

Distribution Services

CellMark Medical sources qualified, trusted and well-established distribution partners in chosen international markets. These distribution partners are vetted by the CellMark Medical platform and are always approved by our medical device manufacturers, before trading commences.

CMDS – Business Performance Management

The CellMark Medical Distribution System ‘CMDS’ is a digital trading platform that connects medical device manufacturers and local distributors. Medical device manufacturers register on the platform, complete their company profile and upload their catalog with product details. Distributors register on the platform, complete their company profile and will have access to the manufacturer’s catalog after approval and can thereafter register inquiries to trade the products in local markets. CellMark Medical validates registrations and support both manufacturer and distributors complete their profile. This leads to suitable match making  to create business relationships. The system supports all aspects of the trading operation and a wide number of performance KPIs are provided to ensure appropriate management of the trading operation.

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