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CellMark est un réseau mondial pour les entrepreneurs qui recherchent des opportunités commerciales, une expansion internationale et des relations pour l’innovation collaborative. Nous rapprochons les acheteurs et les vendeurs, facilitant le développement du commerce et des affaires dans presque toutes les industries.

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Nominated for the Publishing Prize

CellMark’s Annual Report has been nominated for The Publishing Prize, an annual juried contest for films, websites, newspapers, magazines, ...

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Shelton Oliver Moorhouse

– With CellMark Medical we have a unique opportunity that doesn’t come around often, to impact the shape of an industry. In this case it means the shape of global ...

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Ghent Herman De Cleene

When I graduated as a tropical agricultural engineer back in 1983, my first idea was to go into development work far away. But I met my future wife and we got ...

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Qingdao Alex Xu

– My colleagues and I always try working proactively, taking action before things go in the wrong direction. Doing something rather than just waiting. I think all of us have this ...

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