Volunteering Around the World on PaperSeed Day 2016

On Friday, May 20th, CellMark employees from around the world left their desks behind and gave back to their communities, participating in the first global PaperSeed Day.

In 2015, the CellMark Management team generously agreed to give employees paid time to contribute and volunteer. The PaperSeed Foundation assembled kits to help CellMark employees plan the volunteer day and sent them to every major CellMark office around the globe. The result was remarkable – over 100 CellMark employees from 7 offices volunteered around the world.


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Though activities varied from place to place, the spirit remained the same: CellMark employees in PaperSeed Local Committees went above and beyond to create a meaningful volunteer experience for their coworkers. Their presence in the community and dedication to giving back truly is a reflection of CellMark Cares- one of the CellMark’s five Guiding Principles. What’s wonderful is how CellMark attracts people who want to make an impact, both at home and abroad. PaperSeed is lucky to have not just the support of CellMark, but the people who work for CellMark around the world and offer their time and energy to our cause.


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“Taking time out of our busy lives to helpothers that are less fortunate

is a good way to show that we, CellMark, care about the communities

where we are present and this is also living our Guiding Principles.”


Read more about PaperSeed’s work in their blog:




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