Nominated for the Publishing Prize

CellMark’s Annual Report has been nominated for The Publishing Prize, an annual juried contest for films, websites, newspapers, magazines, books and other printed matter in English, Norwegian or Swedish. We have particiated before and been nominated 3 times, winner 2 times as well as been rewarded with an extraordinary prize for the design and visual content.

In 1984, when CellMark was founded, the company was marketed as “The New Alternative”. The ambition was that the company would represent something entirely innovative as a marketing organization for the industry. The presentation of our financial result was also to be marked by new ideas. Having the work of various artists decorate the otherwise mundane financial and test material was consistent with CellMark’s innovative way of thinking and enabling representatives from entirely different fields of creativity to introduce their art forms.

Over the years, we have collaborated with the art director Andrew Cowie, who has been our loyal companion and guide on this exploration tour. Andrew has, and are still, challenging us with ideas and we are greatly impressed by his versatility and design creativity. This year, we believe that Andrew has done something really extraordinary – we are featuring a very characteristic French entrepreneur in art, named Jean-Claude Floch.

Floc’h has created numerous books, comic books and commercial illustrations in the typical style ligne Claire. In fact, we found this artist so very special and interesting so we decided to meet him in person to find out more about him. We are happy to share the memorable moments we had visiting Floc’h and invite you to read the story.


About the Publizing Prize, from their website…

“The Publishing Prize, which is independent of industry organizations, is a comprehensive communication contest. It embraces most established forms of communication. The PP is in three categories: Print, Website and Film.

The jury consists of active communicators such as photographers, graphic designers, film producers, journalists and editors. They examine, evaluate and compare the entries, which are judged using a number of criteria. The judging criteria and the jury’s ranking points are public.

Competitors (and winners) in The Publishing Prize have encompassed both large and small players in the industry. Entries include in-house productions on limited budgets as well as those from established creative agencies and publishers.

Winners of The Publishing Prize 2017 will be made public at the prize ceremony in Stockholm on October 23rd. Each winner receives the jury’s citation, a statuette and a certificate. All nominees will receive a certificate, and a booklet which shows how the jury has scored the nominated entries. The winners will be announced in international and national press releases, in Publishing Prize News and on the website.”

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