New Office in Shanghai

Recently, the CellMark Shanghai Office completed the re-location to a new place. We have now 6 divisions – Pulp, Paper, Packaging, Recycling, Chemicals and Metals – sitting together in a brand-new office building located in the west center of Shanghai City. It’s the first time that so many of our business areas are joined in one and the same work place. While you may think that the most obvious benefit with this model is cost savings and information sharing, there are other benefits too. It will improve speed and efficiency in customer support. We see that if we structure cross-divisional teams, it allows for broader supply chain services capabilities, more engagement and added value to our customers.

Increased knowledge sharing is proven to strengthen synergies and ideation for business development – leading to competences that will help our customers tweak their business and surpass expectations.

We have high aspirations that this cluster of skills will generate more business creation across industry segments. Going forward, this model is likely to be copied as we aim for more collaboration and synergies. For us, it’s about providing conditions for viable business and sustainable global trade.

We welcome all of our colleagues and customers to visit our new office in Shanghai!


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