Our company and operations

CellMark is a global supply chain service company providing products, services, and solutions to customers and suppliers all over the world. We facilitate trade and business development across multiple industries using our vast network of local offices and professional expertise.

Founded in 1984 in Gothenburg,  Sweden, CellMark has its roots in the international trade and distribution of raw materials related to the global Pulp and Paper Industry. Over the years, the company developed world-class marketing and supply chain service capabilities expanding into new product areas. Today we run seven successful international divisions in Pulp, Paper, Packaging, Recycling, Chemicals, Metals and Basic Chemicals. We are also trialing operations for medical device distribution and biomass.

Through a network of 70 offices in 30-plus countries, we provide a full suite of services and partner with clients to identify new business opportunities that add value throughout their value chain: sales and marketing, finance, logistics, regulatory compliance, business development and chemicals custom manufacturing.

With our vision, surpassing expectations, we commit to improve every day, supporting our clients in every action we take.

The CellMark Group consists of 750 professionals with in-depth product and market knowledge and extensive, long-term relationships in the industries we serve. The company is privately held and owned by its employees and an outside corner investor, Ernström & Co., who helps us achieve our strategic objectives. Our annual sales are USD $3.3 billion, with volume close to 7 million tons annually. CellMark takes pride in contributing to global sustainability efforts and is committed to strengthening educational opportunities in support of the PaperSeed Foundation.

Surpassing expectations

CellMark recognizes its responsibility to perform its services exceptionally and with unmatched effort and performance. Therefore, we have defined several guiding principles, which align closely with our mission and vision and support our business concepts. We believe in doing more than what’s expected and always trying harder – surpassing your expectations, as well as our own, the public’s and every stakeholder touched by our joint venture.







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