FerroGlobe is a producer of Si metal, FeSi, CaSi and foundry products such as FeSiMg and inoculants. Headquartered in London, FerroGlobe has production plants all over the world. For foundry products, the main production plants are based in France, the US, Argentina and South Africa.

CellMark has been the agent for FerroPEM foundry products in the Benelux and Denmark for over 30 years. Since the merger with Globe to FerroGlobe end of 2015, this situation has not changed. We keep on offering the FerroGlobe quality foundry products to our customer base in these countries. With our metallurgical knowledge and experience we can help foundries choosing the right FeSiMg, inoculant or cored wire.


Our portfolio is including the whole range of electrometallurgical products for foundries. Whether you are looking for the right FeSiMg for your Mg treatment process, the right composition of cored wire or the best inoculant for your type of castings, we always find the right solution to offer. We offer metallurgical service, sample quantities and even cored wire equipment to do trials and tests in order to find the best solution for you. We can supply all of our FerroGlobe products either directly from one of the production plants or through our warehouses in Belgium and Denmark.

Cored wire treatment installation

a blue and grey treatment installation

Good SG iron structure

close-up of sg iron structure