CellMark Chemicals continuously develop services that make your business operations easier and support your trade.  We also propose specific services for each market segment to meet unique needs and improve your performance.

Catalyst and Gas Services

CellMark’s Catalyst & Gas Processing division produces active components for automotive catalysts and supplies specialized materials for desulfurization and amine scrubbing units. We also produce proprietary products for the removal of CO2 from gas streams in the oil and gas industry.  Services include custom production and procedure development of metal-based salts, and reactions for use in catalyst, gas processing and other markets.  Expertise includes development, production, and testing of new chemical products and assessing the commercial viability of new process chemistry. Our technical department is available to discuss customized production, or joint developments to remove production steps from customer processes.

Catalyst and Gas Segment

CellMark Ingredients Services

CellMark Ingredients manufactures and distributes dietary supplement components and food ingredients.  Our mission is to provide high quality products, technical expertise, exceptional customer service and competitive pricing.

We put an emphasis on quality with our on-site lab capabilities which include UHPLC, FTIR, and UV/VIS. Our test methods are validated according to AOAC and USP monographs.   We are Kosher certified and certified to distribute and manufacture Organic materials.

We provide immediate order turn around for all orders including manufactured products.  We provide flexible batch sizes meeting various customer product specifications.  Our manufactured products include triturations, granulations, oil to powder blends and dry blends which are produced in our GMP compliant facility.  We manufacture products in our various pieces of equipment which include, ribbon blenders with high shear mixers (6, 18, 36, 60 cubic foot), Littleford high-shear granulator, Littleford high-shear vacuum blender and a Gemco blender.

Our expertise includes product development, sourcing, manufacturing, manufacturing processes, technical analysis, quality control and supply chain solutions.


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Custom Manufacturing & Research and Development

At CellMark, surpassing customer expectations is central to our way of thinking. We strive to offer, design and develop custom-made solutions to everyday manufacturing challenges in specialty chemicals through the use of our global lab capabilities and R&D platforms. Our sales teams are here to provide guidance and technical support in order to achieve optimal results. 

Leveraging our inventory of more than 500 industrial, pharmaceutical and personal care products, Custom Manufacturing represents more than 35 percent of the CellMark Chemicals’ sales, and is its fastest-growing sector. 

Our technical and sales professionals provide these services for global customers: 

  •             Formulations
  •             Custom blending
  •             Granulations
  •             Milling
  •            Triturations
  •             Packaging and Re-packing
  •             Research and development
  •             Pilot trials
  •             Laboratory testing
  •             Inorganic reactions

Our sales professionals possess extensive technical knowledge and experience. Coupled together with our customer service team we provide exceptional problem solving capabilities  

Regulatory & Compliance Support

In recent years, the regulatory environment for the chemical and allied industries in which we operate has changed dramatically. To keep up with these changes, CellMark Chemicals has built a global team of Regulatory Specialists. These professionals ensure that our organization and the products we provide comply with the full spectrum of regulatory bodies, including REACh, OSHA, FDA, USDA, DEA, EPA and GHS/CLP.  

Additionally, our Compliance Managers update customers on regulatory changes around the world. They also exercise Responsible Care Distribution with imports, in accordance with the Customs Modernization Act and our NACD membership.  

This valuable service helps customers and suppliers navigate the complexities of domestic and foreign markets. At the same time, we identify new business opportunities created by regulatory changes and reduce the possibility of noncompliance.