Custom Manufacturing & R&D

At CellMark, surpassing customer expectations is central to our way of thinking. We strive to offer, design and develop custom-made solutions to everyday manufacturing challenges in specialty chemicals through the use of our global lab capabilities and R&D platforms. Our sales teams are here to provide guidance and technical support in order to achieve optimal results. 

Leveraging our inventory of more than 500 industrial, pharmaceutical and personal care products, Custom Manufacturing represents more than 35 percent of the CellMark Chemicals’ sales, and is its fastest-growing sector.  

Our technical and sales professionals provide these services for global customers:

  •            Formulations
  •             Custom blending
  •             Granulations
  •             Milling
  •            Triturations
  •             Packaging and Re-packing
  •             Research and development
  •             Pilot trials
  •             Laboratory testing
  •             Inorganic reactions

Our sales professionals possess extensive technical knowledge and experience. Coupled together with our customer service team we provide exceptional problem solving capabilities