PaperSeed Foundation

The PaperSeed Foundation is a non-profit organization dedicated to strengthening educational opportunities for children and young people in underserved and resource-lacking communities around the world.

CellMark provides financial support for all of PaperSeed Foundation’s operating and administrative expenses, allowing 100% of donations to benefit projects directly. PaperSeed’s grant-making philosophy empowers individuals to change their own lives in a sustainable way, with the support of CellMark and business partners.

Our Partnership

Today, CellMark has the unique opportunity to work with PaperSeed, business partners and community-based organizations to create deep and lasting impact in underserved communities. By harnessing global networks, PaperSeed creates coalitions among employees, communities, NGOs and businesses that are committed to strengthening education.

Share our Vision

We invite our business partners to share our vision—surpassing expectations—and join us in our support for the PaperSeed Foundation. By committing to surpassing expectations, we demonstrate our sincere interest in developing deeper relationships with our partners and working together to break the cycle of poverty.

Let’s unite and strengthen educational opportunities for children around the world. With PaperSeed and local community-based organizations, we have a unique opportunity to create a deep and lasting impact in underserved communities, and to enhance children’s lives.

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PaperSeed Projects

The PaperSeed Foundation operates on a global scale, working together with community-based organizations. To date, PaperSeed has supported the education of children and young people in Argentina, Brazil, Canada, China, Guatemala, Kenya, India, South Africa, Morocco, Nicaragua, the Philippines, Peru, Thailand, Malta and the United States.

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“We envision a world where all children have the opportunity to obtain a quality education, and believe that local leaders know best how to improve their own communities.”

─ The PaperSeed Foundation

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