Speciality Products

CellMark Packaging is constantly diversifying into product groups that expand from the core areas of boxes and bags.

Product Segments

close-up of paper pulpclose-up of paper pulp

Unbleached Kraft Pulp (UKP)

Can be used in the production of specialty papers that require high-strength virgin fibers.

a paper jumbo roll the production of paper packaginga paper jumbo roll the production of paper packaging


Tissue and toweling are marketed in jumbo-roll format around the world. These rolls are converted by our customers into final products for bath tissue, facial tissue, home and industrial towels, and a variety of paper napkin products.

close-up of starchclose-up of starch


Starch products are used in the paper production plants as additives to enhance the final products, or are used in corrugated box factories as a natural adhesive to hold the box together.