CellMark Logistics

CellMark Logistics ensures that fiber, pulp and paper products, and other commodities go from seller to buyer in the most efficient, streamlined, and inexpensive ways.

Our teams have considerable expertise in global shipping, air, rail and trucking cargo best practices, and apply that know-how to create significant savings for customers and suppliers. Moreover, they have cultivated key contacts in all relevant ports, an important factor in their ability to provide exemplary customer service.

Consider: As one of its primary services, CellMark books break-bulk shipment of paper reels to Mediterranean ports. Although buyers are responsible for cargo delivery once it is removed from a ship and taken to a warehouse, CellMark Logistics feels it has a stake in all of its partners’ goods, from the moment they enter the supply chain.

For example, CellMark Logistics recently discovered that the trailers a port planned to use to ship paper were dirty and in disrepair. Rather than have the dilapidated trailers damage the reels, CellMark Logistics assumed the costs for clean, whole trailers from outside the port, thus ensuring that its customer’s cargo arrived at its destination without any serious damage from faulty port machinery.
CellMark Logistics was under no contractual obligation to replace the trailers, but did so because the team understands that it is a partner in all of its transactions. It is not successful unless its customers are, too.

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